Where are the clitellum located?

Where are the clitellum located?

Adult (sexually mature) earthworms have a distinct swelling called a clitellum. It is located about one-third of the way down the earthworm. The clitellum is often white or orange in colour. It produces most of the material secreted to form earthworm cocoons.

Is the clitellum located more towards the anterior or posterior?

The shorter region to one side of the clitellum is the anterior or head-end of the animal. This end of the worm is usually more pointed than the posterior end of the animal.

What is the clitellum in an earthworm?

earthworms. … 32 and 37 is the clitellum, a slightly bulged, discoloured organ that produces a cocoon for enclosing the earthworm’s eggs. The body is tapered at both ends, with the tail end the blunter of the two.

What is clitellum give its function?

The clitellum is part of the reproductive system. The clitellum is a thick, saddle-like ring found in the epidermis (skin) of the worm, usually with a light-coloured pigment. To form a cocoon for its eggs, the clitellum secretes a viscous fluid. The main function of clitellum is cocoon formation.

What is clitellum in zoology?

Definition of clitellum : a thickened glandular section of the body wall of some annelids that secretes a viscid sac in which the eggs are deposited.

Is the clitellum part of the nervous system?

The clitellum is part of the reproductive system of earthworm. It also secretes a viscous fluid to form a cocoon for it’s eggs.

What is in the posterior end of an earthworm?

The posterior (back) end has a small hole where solid waste is expelled, called the anus. The length of the worm is made up of many tiny segments, each separated by a thin wall called a septum. 2. About one-third of the way back from the mouth you should see a thicker and smoother section of the worm.

Where is the anterior on an earthworm?

Anterior. The ‘head’ or front of the earthworm is called its anterior.

What is clitellum in very short answer?

What is the function of Spermatheca in earthworm?

The spermathecae receive and store the spermatozoa of another earthworm during copulation. They are lined with epithelium and are variable in shape: some are thin, heavily coiled tubes, while others are vague outpocketings from the main reproductive tract. It is one of the many variations in sexual reproduction.

What is the function of the clitellum quizlet?

What is the function of the clitellum, the only organ visible externally on earthworms? It secretes mucus that is important in reproduction. The worm alternates between extension and pulling the rest of its body after the extension.

How many segments are covered by the clitellum?

In most sexually reproducing aquatic taxa, the clitellum is only two segments wide and sometimes only one cell thick making it difficult, if not impossible, to detect with the naked eye.

What is the septa of an earthworm?

The septum is a membrane that is flexible enough to allow for contraction of the internal muscles. Because the fluid cannot escape and does not contract, the earthworm can change shape, from rotund to flat, depending on the need and the accessibility of its location.

What is a major function of the clitellum quizlet?

Where are setae located on the earthworm?

This helps to pull and push the worm along. Bristles, called setae, are located on each segment of the earthworm’s body. They prevent the earthworm from slipping backwards.

What is the closest the earthworm has to sensory organs?

Earthworms do not have a nose, eyes, ears, or hands to gather sensory information about their environment. Instead, they depend on their prostomium and sensory receptors in their skin to “feel” their way through the soil.