Where are Theo Wanne saxophones made?

Where are Theo Wanne saxophones made?

Critical designs, parts and assembly are done at the Theo Wanne factory in Bellingham, WA USA, and at MusicMedic.com in NC, USA. Theo has created a uniquely designed mouthpiece for the MANTRA tenor in-line with its full bodied, huge projecting sound!

Is the Yamaha 4C Good for jazz?

From “loud” styles such as Rock, Pop or Jazz, to “soft” styles such as Classical, Folk, or Relaxation music, the Yamaha 4C Alto Saxophone mouthpiece has got you covered. This is a good thing, because most beginners usually want to experiment a bit with different styles or genres of music anyway.

Is Yamaha 5C good for jazz?

The Yamaha 5c is a free blowing chamber that gives a nice jazz buzz at all volumes.

Are rubber mouthpieces good?

Registered. Man, I’ve read so many “scientific explanations” by musicians and scientists, and tried so many different mouthpieces; I’ve come to this conclusion: There’s not much of a difference (to me), between a high baffle hard rubber or metal mouthpiece.

What kind of mouthpiece does Theo Wanne make?

The MANTRA alto was a particularly good mouthpiece and still is in demand, even though the MANTRA mouthpieces have now been discontinued. ‘SHIVA the Destroyer’ completed the Theo Wanne professional mouthpiece line of: AMBIKA, GAIA, DURGA, SHIVA.

Why choose the Ambika 3 soprano mouthpiece?

The AMBIKA 3 soprano has the best of the old world sound along with the benefits of modern research and manufacturing technology by the worlds foremost mouthpiece designer. The Hard Rubber AMBIKA 3 uses real vintage style hard rubber just like the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s-50s.

What is an Amma tenor mouthpiece?

This design turned into the 2007 AMMA tenor mouthpiece. The AMMA was Theo Wanne’s first true production mouthpiece, and incorporated five patents including a manufacturing process patent to make the large chamber design. The first year these were made the bodies and baffles were polished.

What is a Shiva tenor mouthpiece?

The SHIVA is the brightest Theo Wanne tenor mouthpiece having a step baffle like the DURGA, but adding more roll-over to the baffle and a smaller chamber. The SHIVA and the SHIVA 2 has become widely used in the Rock & Roll and Smooth Jazz world’s.