Where can I buy a bubble belt?

Where can I buy a bubble belt?

Instead of being sold in the clan shop, the Bubble Belt is available in the Hunt Club shop if the player gives 25 trophies to Stok. The Bubble Belt can then be bought from the Shifty-Eyed Merchant’s store for 47,520 gil.

How do you get to white mousse ff12?

White Mousse is a Mark in Final Fantasy XII. The hunt can be undertaken after the player attains the clan rank of Vanguard. White Mousse is a breed of flan that lives in the West Sluice Control area of the Garamsythe Waterway.

What does bubble belt do?

As an added effect, characters in Bubble status will be immune to Disease, and vice versa. Enemies and NPC allies are generally immune to Bubble. Bubble Belts can be equipped to induce a permanent Bubble status.

How do you get bubbles in Final Fantasy 12?

Final Fantasy XII The spell can be bought from the Muthru Bazaar after attaining a Clan Rank of Ward of Justice, and inside the skyferries between Rabanastre and Nalbina for 3,300 gil after obtaining the Treaty-Blade.

How do you get the Zodiac Spear in ff12?

The Zodiac Spear can also be acquired as a reward for the Hunt Club side quests. You must give 10 trophies each to the bangaa brothers Atak, Stok, and Blok, and then buy it for 999,999 gil. You may also give more than 15 trophies to Atak, and he will reward you with the Zodiac Spear.

How do you get a burning bow?


  1. License required. Treasure. Shop. Bows 5. Tchita Uplands (Garden of Life’s Circle) / Necrohol of Nabudis (Cloister of Distant Song) / Trial Mode Stage 86 (with Diamond Armlet) Archades / Balfonheim Port.
  2. Bazaar. Item drop. Steal. Unavailable. Dive Talon (1%) None.
  3. Poach. Hunt. Reward. None. Lost in the Pudding (White Mousse)

Where is sorbet ff12?

Rabanastre Westgate
Sorbet runs a Moogling station in Rabanastre Westgate, outside the aerodrome.

How does Bubble work ff12?

Final Fantasy XII Bubble doubles the maximum HP of the target. Unlike similar abilities from previous games (the Berserker’s Howl in Final Fantasy X-2, for example) it also raises the current HP to reflect the new maximum limit. As an added effect, characters in Bubble status will be immune to Disease, and vice versa.