Where can I find a Ghul matron in shadow of war?

Where can I find a Ghul matron in shadow of war?


  • Wait until nightfall.
  • Wander around Mordor for a bit until you see a pack of Ghûls emerging from the ground below.
  • Start killing Ghûls.
  • When the Ghûls inevitably retreat, don’t chase them down, kill them, or leave.
  • After about 2-4 waves of Ghûls, at least one matron will emerge from below the ground.

Where can I find Ghul in shadow of Mordor?

The best time to find Ghuls is at night in any of the areas of Mordor. Simply by traveling around the landscape, you’re sure to disturb some nests, as Ghuls will emerge from the ground to fight you. They may already be attacking Uruks or Outcasts, so you can look for them on your HUD map as marked by tiny claw marks.

Where can I find Ghul mounds?

Black Gate.

  • Mordor.
  • Núrn.
  • Sea of Núrnen.
  • Udûn.
  • What is a Caragor?

    Caragors were large, wild Warg-like creatures native to Mordor. Being the realm’s top predator, they were aggressive, not easily tamable beasts. They are of much the same size and appearance as Wargs, however their skin is far more rough, having little to no hair, and having spiked, jagged backs.

    How do you beat nameless things?

    You can use arrows to the face to stun it, or Wraith Flash to deal damage, but beware of its counters to your direct attacks. When it is defeated the mission will end.

    How do you bait Ghul mounds?

    All you have to do to bait a mound is shoot an arrow at it. They are easy to spot while aiming with your bow. They are small mounds of dirt that have a little ghuls head icon above them. You must bait at least 3 during the training mission and another 3 during the next mission to draw out the warchief.

    How do you eat a Graug?

    Graugs can kill attackers many ways: by eating them, by swatting them with their massive fist, or merely by stomping on them.

    How do you beat nameless items in shadow of Mordor?

    You can use arrows to the face to stun it, or Wraith Flash to deal damage, but beware of its counters to your direct attacks.

    Can Graugs eat captains?

    It was in SoM yet in this game, if I use Graug execution on a broken captain (even ones that are beast fodder), the graug swipes his hand, my might gets drained, and that’s it. As far as I’m aware Captains can no longer be eaten, yes. They just dive out of the way of the hand and you lose your Might charge.

    How do you get the white rider achievement?

    The White Rider is an Achievement/Trophy in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. To get this achievement you will need to liberate 30 Slaves in less than 180 seconds while riding a Caragor.

    How do you get a level 30 Rune in test of the ring?

    In order to achieve a Level 30 Rune, you must acquire 5 bonuses prior to defeating a Level 25 Uruk….Beyond Epic

    1. +1 for Vengeance (the target previously killed you)
    2. +2 for Warchief.
    3. +1 for Fear/Hate Exploited.
    4. +1 for Knowing Weaknesses (gain Intel)
    5. +1 for Death Threat.

    How do I find Ghul matrons in Shadowlands?

    Finding Ghul Matrons Ghuls are found only at night and in the less populated areas of Mordor. Hunt around for the tell-tale mounds of dirt that mark a ghul nest. Wander around the area a bit until ghuls spawn; if they don’t either advance time twice or find another nest. Once you’ve found ghuls, kill them until the rest start fleeing.

    Where can I find Ghuls in Mordor?

    Ghuls are often present in the least populated parts of Mordor exclusively at night time, so if you decide to have a go at them, simply head to the Forge Tower, change time of day, and explore on a Caragor until you see a collection of tiny claw marks on your minimap. These claw marks indicate regular Ghuls, who usually move around in packs.

    What is the Ghul matron’s weakness?

    I’m currently accomplishing the hunting challenges, and the 9th challenge is to kill a Ghul Matron in the game. I went through quite a few discussions onto Steam/IGN etc. boards, and mostly they discussed how the Matron’s weakness is fire and explosions, and how to get rid of them easily. They do mention something along the lines of:

    How do you find Ghul mounds?

    First of all, Ghul Mounds are not a creature, but instead a terrain anomaly caused (lorewise) by Ghuls. Think of mole holes, but instead of having a mole come out, you have 200 Ghuls jumping at you. Here’s one: There are only two ways to find them, like you said, one of the methods is in caves.