Where can I fish Hapuka?

Where can I fish Hapuka?

When it comes to targeting hapuka, areas such as White Island, Ranfurly Banks, Mayor Island and Cook Strait tend to enter everyone’s minds. It’s from these areas that some very big fish have been caught. All these areas I have mentioned have had numerous 100 pounds plus fish taken from them.

Is Grouper the same as Hapuka?

Hapuku (Polyprion oxygeneios) is known by the Maori name in the north, but groper is preferred in the south. This is a large, heavy, deep-sea fish closely related to the bass.

Is Hapuka fish nice?

Hapuku are by far, one of the best eating fish in our waters. , tough and tasteless flesh – the best way to prepare it is by boiling, steaming or on the barbeque. For a few tips – read this issue’s recipe for cooking crayfish.

How do you fish for hapuka?

Various hapuku species are most often caught on set-lines (‘groper/hapuku droppers’) or by rod and line fishing using large fish flesh or squid baits. Livebaits, jigs and large soft plastics also work well, but the tackle and techniques are rather specialised.

How many hapuka are you allowed?

Quite simply, the recreational catch limit needs tackling to save this fish. Now, the limit is five per person per day, which is about 50kg of hapuka fillets.

What size hooks for hapuka?

Hook size varies from 7/0 and upwards to 14/0. Depending on your bait a good size to start with is 9/0 or 10/0. Many people over-size the hook for Hapuka, and bigger is not necessarily better. Hapuka also have very bony, hard mouths so keep the points in good shape.

What does hapuka fish taste like?

Taste-wise, hapuka may be compared to a bass because of its delicate flavor and sweeter undertones. When cooked the right way, with its skin on, its flake tends to have a cream-like texture. The tender fish almost instantly melts in the mouth!

How do you fish for Hapuka?

Is Hapuka a blue nose?

The main target species when hapuka fishing are hapuka, bass, bluenose and gemfish. These are the most common species caught but the by catch consists of a very interesting mix of species.

How do you catch hapuka in NZ?

What does hapuka taste like?

Is Hapuka fishing worth it in New Zealand?

One of the best things about Hapuka fishing, is that you can guarantee it is worth a go anywhere in New Zealand, at any time of year. Our cover photo features a magnificent specimen caught by angler Lloyd O’Brian on board ‘Days Out Fishing Charters’ in the Bay of Islands.

Where can I fish The Hapuka River?

The Hapuka River is a slow flowing river that is best fished from a boat using fly or spinning gear. Brown trout with large sea run fish in the lagoon area. A few salmon The Hapuka drains a swampy area and enters the Tasman Sea near the small coastal setting of Okuru. A slow moving river with tea coloured water that drains a lowland swamp area.

How to catch a Hapuka?

If you want to learn first hand how to catch hapuka going out on a charter is a good place to start. Hapuka can be found from the Three Kings to Stewart island, they are a relatively abundant species, the trick is finding them.

Where do the big fish live in Hokianga?

But there are pinnacles, there is the Kaipara Trench and there are reef structures that rise as little as two metres which provide the sort of habitat the hapuka and bass prefer. Mostly they are in 200-600m of water. Among those who know where to find the big fish are John and Linda Pattinson from the Hokianga Sportfishing Club.