Where can I get an African art appraised?

Where can I get an African art appraised?

Charles Jones African Art and associate Maura Kropke, ISA AM, Accredited Member International Society of Appraisers provide appraisals of traditional African and Oceanic art and also works by recognized contemporary African artists. We also offer appraisal consultation on African pieces for auction houses and museums.

How do I sell my African art?

Sotheby’s is your best resource to sell contemporary African paintings, sculpture and photography. Sotheby’s began hosting auctions devoted to contemporary and modern African art in 2016 and has seen outstanding results in this growing collecting category.

How much is African art worth?

Giles Peppiatt, director of contemporary African Art auctions at Bonhams, says his numbers confirm the investment appeal of African art, even though the average prices are still reasonable: “I think that in the African sales, the majority of the works sell between $10,000 and $60,000.

What painting from the continent of Africa was auctioned for the highest price?

1953) tops our list, with her work The Visitor (1995), which sold for a whopping $6.3 million at Sotheby’s London in 2008.

Is it OK to buy African art?

Buyers should seek objects that are available to be sold. African art is a way, particularly for people of African descent, to reconnect with traditions they were separated from in the forced migration into enslavement, plus collecting art is a good monetary and social investment.”

Where can I sell my art collection online?

9 Sites to Sell Your Artwork Online

  • Etsy.
  • Amazon.
  • FineArtAmerica.
  • Saatchi Art.
  • UGallery.
  • Shopify.
  • TurningArt.
  • Society6.

Is African art expensive?

Apart from South Africa and Egypt, art pieces from other African countries do not fetch a lot of money at international auctions. But in recent years contemporary African art carvings and paintings have started catching the eyes of big spenders, with some pieces fetching up to $14 million.

What is the most famous African art piece?

The African art Top 10

Rank Artist Artwork
1 Njideka Akunyili CROSBY (1983) The Beautyful Ones
2 Marlene DUMAS (1953) Angelique
3 William KENTRIDGE (1955) Tête de femme bleue
4 Adel ABDESSEMED (1971) Lampedusa

What is so special about African art?

It should also be noted that a primary component of traditional African art is performance and assemblage. The combination of music, dance, dress, and bodily ornamentation—as well as sculpture and masks—is frequently what imparts both significance and dynamism to individual art objects.

What is considered appropriation art?

Appropriation in art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them. The use of appropriation has played a significant role in the history of the arts (literary, visual, musical and performing arts).

Who will buy artwork?