Where can I kite surf in Oahu?

Where can I kite surf in Oahu?

Kailua Bay is the best kiteboarding beach on Oahu Island. It is a north facing bay on the southeast side of the island. The trade winds blow year round and can range from 15-35 knots coming from the ENE. This direction is a perfect side-onshore wind safe for kitesurfing.

Where can you kitesurf in Kauai?

The most popular year-round spots for kiteboarding are Kapaa Beach Park, Anini Beach Park, and Mahaulepu Beach. Many visitors come to Kauai dreaming of parasailing. If that’s you, make a stop at Maui or the Big Island.

What is the right kite size for me?

The basic rule to follow when choosing a kite size — the stronger the wind you expect, the smaller your kite should be. The wind range at which you can safely ride is from 3–5 to 15–20 m/s, and comfortable for most riders — from about 6 to 12 m/s.

Why is kiteboarding so expensive?

The main reason why kitesurfing is so expensive is the popularity of this sport. Or the lack of it to be exact. Kitesurfing is NOT that popular. There are about two million kiteboarders in the world, a relatively small market if you think about it.

Can you kiteboard in Kauai?

How do I get to Mahaulepu Beach?

Mahaulepu is a two mile car trip from the end of Poipu Road. Travel east on the dirt cane field road to the main cane haul road intersection and turn right. There will be a security shack posting beach opening and closing hours. Beach access closes at 6pm.

Is kitesurfing an expensive hobby?

As you can see from the above sections, kitesurfing can be quite expensive to get into. It’s certainly costlier than surfing or stand up paddling, where your only investment is your board, a leash, and a paddle (for SUP). However, kitesurfing is less expensive to get into than other sports.

Can you swim at Mahaulepu Beach?

Mahaulepu is ideal for most activities, including snorkeling, swimming, surfing, sunbathing and more. The beach consists of three separate beaches: Gillin’s Beach, Kawaiola Bay and Ha’ula Beach.

Can you drive to Mahaulepu Beach?