Where did the deal with it meme come from?

Where did the deal with it meme come from?

Internet cartoonist Matt Furie, who created Pepe the Frog, included deal with it as the punch line of a webcomic posted in 2005, one of the earliest introductions of the phrase into meme culture. The phrase then spread as a popular GIF posted in online forums and discussions.

How old is the Deal with it meme?

Selling the DEAL WITH IT meme on @withfoundation link in bio. In 2010 I created the DEAL WITH IT meme – by providing a Photoshop template to users of my social media platform, dump.fm. Dump. fm’s slogan was “Talk With Pictures,” it was a chatroom where users posted images in real-time.

Who invented the deal with it glasses?

In 2010, Ryder Ripps created the DEAL WITH IT meme and gave users of dump.fm access to a Photoshop template that they could use. The rest… is history. The graphic used billions of times across the internet is one of the most recognizable images of internet culture in the last 10 years.

What is deal with it meme?

“Deal with it” is a meme based on a popular phrase or expression that uses image macros and/or animated GIFs as a snarky response when someone else notes disapproval, most frequently used online forums or social networks.

Who owns Know Your Meme?

Andrew Baron is the founder of the internet’s top authority on internet memes, the Know Your Meme database. Baron created the wiki-inspired database in September 2007 as a platform to document and make memes more accessible and understood.

What is the sunglasses meme called?

History of the MLG glasses meme MLG glasses became a thing after the Thug Life meme gained popularity in the early 2010s. Since then, they’ve been used in memes and videos where a pair of pixelated MLG glasses literally drops from the skies and lands perfectly onto someone’s face as a clear sign of victory.

What does deal with it mean?

1. To manage or handle someone or something (usually someone or something unpleasant). The phrase “deal with it” can be used dismissively to leave a task to someone else. I just can’t deal with him when gets hysterical like this. I’ll deal with the construction problems at the house—you go on ahead to work.

What do MLG Glasses mean?

Major League Gaming
For example, if you’re a fan of the ever-growing internet meme culture, MLG (or Major League Gaming) glasses can be a cool alternative to regular sunglasses. They’re a celebrated image in the world of memes, popularly known by other names such as “deal with it,” “thug life” and MLG swag glasses.