Where do you park for the River Walk in San Antonio?

Where do you park for the River Walk in San Antonio?

San Antonio River Walk Parking

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  • Riverbend Garage. ENTRANCE: 400 E. Commerce St.
  • South Bank. ENTRANCE: 155 w CROCKETT.
  • Groos Lot. ENTRANCE: 246 E.
  • Market Street Garage. ENTRANCE: E.
  • 3rd St. Lot.
  • Travis Lot. ENTRANCE: 475 E Travis Street.
  • Western Lot. ENTRANCE: 326 Main Plaza.

Where can I park for free on the River Walk?

WHERE MAY I PARK TO VISIT THE RIVER WALK? There are over 2,000 parking meters, most of which are enforced 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat. Parking is free outside of these hours. Parking is free in city-run parking garages and lots during “Downtown Tuesday” which is available on most Tuesdays after 6 PM.

How much is parking at the River Walk?

Parking Rates Near San Antonio Riverwalk

Parking Type SpotHero Average Price Offered
Commuter Parking $9 – $15
Weekend Parking $9 – $20
Event Parking $11 – $25
Overnight Parking $25 – $25

How long does it take to do the San Antonio Riverwalk?

five to six hours
To walk the entire River Walk from one end to the other including the downtown area would likely take five to six hours.

What time does the Riverwalk close?

A: Technically the Riverwalk never closes. You can walk along it at any time, day or night. Of course the businesses on the Riverwalk do close at night. Most of the restaurants close around 10pm and the bars at 2am.

How much is street parking in San Antonio?

Parking In San Antonio On-street parking in downtown San Antonio is rather expensive and can be as high as $3.00/hour, so take this bit of information into consideration. Regular meters accept coins, while more modern meters accept cards as well.

How much does it cost for San Antonio Riverwalk?

How much does it cost to visit the River Walk? Admission to the River Walk is free.

How much does it cost to park in downtown San Antonio?

When visiting downtown San Antonio, parking in a lot or a garage might be the preferable option, because you can park for an extended period of time at a reasonably low price. The average rate for off-street parking is around $5.50/hour and $16.00/ 24 hours. The average cost of a monthly permit is approximately $80.00.