Where do you put the emblem on Resident Evil 1?

Where do you put the emblem on Resident Evil 1?

Purpose. It must be swapped with the gold emblem in the Bar to escape a secret passage. The gold emblem can then be used in the dining hall to retrieve the shield key from behind a grandfather clock on the north wall.

What is the same time as all other clocks?

To progress, read the ‘Clock Memo’ file on the globe, hinting at a puzzle – “The same time as all other clocks”. This tells you to look at another clock in the house, and change the time of the standalone clock on the same table to that time, which is 10:15.

Where is the gold emblem re1?

This emblem is found in the secret passage inside the Bar. By playing “Moonlight Sonata” using the piano will reveal the entrance. If the gold emblem is retrieved, the door will close down. To escape the hidden, player must placed the emblem on the statue.

What is the gold emblem for re1?

What is the code to Lucas door?

Make your way through the corridor up here to a room with a desk and a burnt corpse. Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408. And there you have it, that’s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the Happy Birthday VHS Tape.

Why do clocks become wrong?

This is because there is no fixed universal time, time being relative to the observer. Special relativity describes how two clocks held by observers in different inertial frames (i.e. moving with respect to each other but not accelerating or decelerating) will each appear to either observer to tick at different rates.

What do you do with the stone ring in Resident Evil?

Purpose. It can be combined with the metal object to form a second stone & metal object.

How do you get the gear box in the Clock Tower?

Pick up the Small Gear. Place the Large Gear in the panel where you got the Small Gear. Head back down the stairs and put the Small Gear into the Gear Box Panel at the back of the room. The bell will ring and swing and dislodge a Boxed Electronic Part.

What do you do with the stone and metal object in Resident Evil?

Purpose. This object grants access to the courtyard on the mansion grounds. Another Stone & Metal Object can later be constructed, providing access to the tomb of Jessica Trevor via the mansion’s entrance hall.

Does Resident Evil 1 have an item box?

Introduced in the first Resident Evil, Item boxes are usually found in safe rooms along with Typewriters. Characters can only carry a small number of items at any given time, which makes inventory space valuable.

Where does Jill get the lighter?

The lighter Jill picks up belonged to George Trevor that was a gift from his wife and a file can be found in the mansion on it.

How do I find my daughters password for Lucas?

Poke around Lucas’ desk and in his computer — you’ll use his passcode (it’s 1019) to access it. You’ll find a note about something of Lucas’ out on the veranda. Now you have to trigger the next sequence of events. Before you pull away the sheet metal, turn to your left.

How do you solve the Lucas puzzle?

This will be Clancy’s main source of light while dealing with Lucas’ puzzle and an essential utility tool in solving it. Head into the room with the Birthday Cake in it where sprinklers will extinguish the candle and Lucas will explain to Clancy that he has to leave a lit candle on the cake to “win.”

What is crystal drift?

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