Where does the B-Line start?

Where does the B-Line start?

B-Line (Sydney)

Start Mona Vale
Via Warriewood Narrabeen Collaroy Dee Why Brookvale Manly Vale Spit Junction Neutral Bay
End Wynyard Park
Length 31 kilometres

What is Keoride?

Keoride allows commuters in Pittwater to book a vehicle at a time that suits them, connecting their home address or designated local pick up point to the nearest B-Line transport hub at Mona Vale, Warriewood or Narrabeen. “Keoride has revolutionised public transport in Pittwater,” Rob Stokes said today.

Where can I use my Opal card in NSW?

You can use an Opal card for an Opal fare on metro/train, bus, ferry or light rail services in Sydney and surrounds. You can also use your Opal card on some private services where you can see ‘OpalPay accepted here’. With OpalPay, just tap with your Opal card for fast, convenient way to pay your fare.

Who owns Sydney busses?

Transport for NSW
Buses account for close to six per cent of trips each day in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, forming a key part of the city’s public transport system….

Buses in Sydney
Owner Transport for NSW
Locale Greater Sydney
Transit type Bus / Bus rapid transit
Annual ridership 229.5 million in 2019-20

How long is a Sydney bus?

Dimensions. The buses are 11700 mm long, 2500 mm wide and 3155-3345 mm high. The wheelbase is 5875mm, the front overhang is 2670 mm and the rear overhang is 3155 mm. The front door opening is 1080 mm, while the rear door opening is 940 mm.

Where does the B1 leave Wynyard?

The B1 (City Wynyard) has 10 stations departing from Mona Vale B-Line, Barrenjoey Rd and ending in Wynyard Station, York St, Stand M.

Does the B-line run all night?

There is no need to plan your trip on B-Line – it is a turn up and go service, 7 days a week, running from 4.30am until 12.30am.

How much does Keoride cost?

How much does Keoride cost? Each Keoride trip costs $3.10. That’s it! You can book as many trips as you like in advance, but please note we collect funds at the time of booking, so you’ll need to cancel your journey if your plans change.

Can I use Opal in Goulburn?

Opal can be used between Wollongong and Moss Vale, Exeter and Bundanoon stations.

Can I use Opal card to travel to Newcastle?

There are a number of ways to plan your trip, look up times or check for travel alerts online. To pay your fare on Newcastle Transport you need an Opal card or Opal single ticket.

Is there a free bus in Sydney?

A free city centre shuttle bus (route 555) operates every 10 minutes on a circuit from Central Station to Circular Quay, along George Street, linking many of Sydney’s attractions. The service operates from 9am to 3.30pm on weekdays (to 9pm on Thursday evenings) and from 9.30am to 6pm on weekends.

Are buses free in Sydney?

Here’s what you need to know. For the next 12 days, free trips will be available for trains, buses, ferries, light rail and metro services.

Where does the B-line terminate?

The B-Line provides frequent and reliable bus service operating between Mona Vale and Wynyard with 10 stops at Mona Vale, Warriewood, Narrabeen, Collaroy, Dee Why, Brookvale, Manly Vale, Spit Junction, Neutral Bay Junction and Wynyard.

Are B-Line buses running today?

There is no need to plan your trip on B-Line – it is a turn up and go service 7 days a week, running from 4.30am until 12.30am.

What time do Keo rides stop?

The service operates 7 days a week on: Monday to Wednesday 6am – 10pm. Thursday and Friday 6am – 11.30pm. Saturday 7am – 11.30pm and.