Where does the Ozark Highland trail start and end?

Where does the Ozark Highland trail start and end?

The Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT) is a hiking trail that crosses the Ozark National Forest and is recognized as one of the most scenic trails in the US. Starting at Lake Ft. Smith State Park on Arkansas 71, the trail crosses the forest to Woolum near the Buffalo National River and into the Sylamore Ranger District.

How long does it take to hike the Ozark Highlands Trail?

10 to 14 days
A complete thru hike is difficult but possible with careful attention to all details, but hiking the longer segments is not unusual. It may take 10 to 14 days for the 164-mile Boston Mountains segment, for example. Continuous built trail is in place from Lake Fort Smith State Park to AR-14, or 207 miles.

How long is the Ozark Highland trail?

When complete, the OHT will run about 320 miles across northern Arkansas with the west end at Lake Fort Smith and the east end at the Missouri border north of Lake Norfork where it will someday connect to the Ozark Trail near Tecumseh MO.

Are the Boston Mountains part of the Ozarks?

Part of the Ozarks, the Boston Mountains are a deeply dissected plateau. The ecoregion is steeper than the adjacent Springfield Plateau to the north, and bordered on the south by the Arkansas Valley. The Oklahoma portion of the range is locally referred to as the Cookson Hills.

Are the Ozark Mountains really Mountains?

The Natural State is home to two distinct mountain ranges: the Ouachitas and the Ozarks. Both lie predominately in the western half of the state, but they are quite different. The Ozark Mountains are actually a series of plateaus that occupy much of Northwest Arkansas and run south to north, reaching up into Missouri.

Where does the Ozark Highland trail end?

Construction on the OHT began in 1977, and it was dedicated as a National Recreation Trail in 1984. The Ozark Highlands Trail extends 165 miles from Lake Fort Smith State Park to Woolum, a canoe launch point on the middle Buffalo.

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