Where is Bol channel located?

Where is Bol channel located?

Karachi , Pakistan
BOL Network

Native name بول
Headquarters Karachi , Pakistan
Area served Pakistan
Key people Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, Faysal Aziz Khan
Products Television Channel

How can I watch Bol entertainment live?

Bol Entertainment Live HD – Watch Live Drama Streaming | TapmadTV.

Who is the owner of Bol channel?

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh also known as SAS (born April 17, 1971) is a Pakistani businessman and convicted felon. He is the founder of 24-hour news cycle network named BOL Network. He also founded diploma mill company Axact.

Why Bol entertainment is not on air?

PEMRA revokes Bol News licence, operators asked to take channel off air. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Wednesday revoked the license of Bol News after Interior Ministry rejected security clearance of the company’s directors.

How do I join the Bol game show?

People who are interested in participating in the show can register themselves via BOL TV website….Registration via Website

  1. Access the BOL TV official website.
  2. Enter your name, mobile number and email id.
  3. Select your city, enter your area and click on next.

Is Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh in jail?

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh also known as SAS (born April 17, 1971) is a Pakistani businessman and convicted felon….

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
Nationality Pakistani Kittian
Occupation CEO and Chairman at Axact, BOL Network, and Convicted prisoner
Years active 1997–2018
Criminal status Currently incarcerated

What is the frequency of Jio TV?

Geo News Frequency on Paksat

Channel Name Frequency Symbol Rate
Geo News 3737 14400

Who was the first Pakistani game show host?

actor Ahsan Khan
Season 1 was hosted by the television actor Ahsan Khan. Season 2 was hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt. While, season 3 was hosted by Mohib Mirza.

Who owns Axact?


Native name ایگزیکٹ
Founder Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
Headquarters Karachi , Pakistan
Products IT software, illegitimate academic qualifications
Owner Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh