Where is Gearbest located?

Where is Gearbest located?

GearBest is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China .

Is Gearbest a Chinese website?

Earlier this year, we had a report about some irregularities with a Chinese e-commerce store, Gearbest. If you are a regular buyer of Chinese goods but resides outside China, you will probably know Gearbest. This store used to be one of very few Chinese online stores that ships globally.

Is Gearbest in USA?

Gearbest warehouses are located in USA, Spain, England, Poland, Czech Republic, and etc., which helps reduce the delivery time to only 1 – 2 days and provides more efficient and convenient after-sales services for global users. Gearbest provides over 40 global payment methods for the convenience of worldwide users.

Is Gearbest available in India?

Does Gearbest Ship To India? No, Gearbest does not ship to India, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Gearbest order shipped to India with zero headaches. It involves using a package forwarder: a warehouse in the United States that will accept your Gearbest order and forward it on to you in India.

Where is GearBest shipping from?

Yes. The data on our shipping methods page is split by our regional warehouse locations; China, GW, USA, and ES. Generally speaking, shipping from the warehouse nearest to the destination (shipping address) provides for faster, shorter shipping times.

Can GearBest be trusted?

This is a scam site. They sent about a quarter of the items and then after 3 months and numerous emails offered to refund a heavily reduced amount into their site wallet. Look out! Save your money and stay well away.

Is GearBest better than AliExpress?

If you’re interested in selling more top brand products, Gearbest is for you. If you’re more into cheap products, AliExpress will suit you better.

How long does GearBest take to ship to us?

1. What shipping methods does Gearbest offer? (Shipping methods, shipping time, shipping cost)

Avialiable Shipping Methods Estimated Shipping Time
Unregistered Air Mail 15-30 business days
Registered Air Mail 15-30 business days
Priority Line 7-12 business days
Expedited Shipping 3-7 business days

Is GearBest in Pakistan?

GearBest is an E-commerce site for consumers to buy online and receive your products quickly and conveniently at home. You can browse your desired product and add it to the cart.

How can I buy GearBest products in India?

Steps to Buy Gearbest Products in India

  1. Buying products from gearbest in India is as easy as Flipkart and Amazon.
  2. First, log in to the site and choose the product, then you can add that to cart.
  3. Choose the above-mentioned payment methods to complete your payment.
  4. Fill the address details and choose the free shipping.

How long does it take for GearBest to ship?

They lure you in with statements like ships within 3-5 days from receiving payment.

Is GearBest on AliExpress?

The major difference between AliExpress and Gearbest is that GearBest handles all shipping for products ordered on the platform. On AliExpress, it is the sellers who set up the shipping options and you choose how to ship. On AliExpress, if you have any shipping complaints, it is the seller that you contact.

Is Gearbest better than AliExpress?

How long does Gearbest take to ship?

How long does GearBest take to ship?

What site is cheaper than AliExpress?

DHGate is a market place just like AliExpress. It has sellers from the Far East offering manufactured products directly to the consumers. It is a highly popular AliExpress alternative and used by many dropshippers. Both DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products so you can compare prices to get the most profit.

Who is better DHgate or AliExpress?

By doing that you’ll realize that these two online marketplaces differ in three categories – Cost of products, logistics, and customer service. When it comes to the cost of products, AliExpress beats DHgate because prices are generally lower on AliExpress as compared to DHgate.