Where is Global Mercy ship now?

Where is Global Mercy ship now?

The vessel is currently at port DAKAR, SN after a voyage of 2 months, 13 days originating from port ROTTERDAM CENTRUM, NL. What kind of ship is this? GLOBAL MERCY (IMO: 9726499) is a Hospital Ship that was built in 2021 (1 year ago) and is sailing under the flag of Malta.

Who owns Global Mercy?

Mercy Ships
The Global Mercy sailed to Antwerp, Belgium in 2021 for outfitting. In February 2022, the vessel sailed to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for a two-week PR stopover where it was unveiled to visitors for the first time….MV Global Mercy.

Owner Mercy Ships
Operator Mercy Ships
Port of registry Malta
Ordered 2013

How many Mercy Ships are there in the world?

Mercy Ships has operated in more than 57 developing nations and 18 developed nations around the world, with a current focus on the countries of Africa….Mercy Ships.

Logo of Mercy Ships
Formation 1978
Type Charitable organization
Purpose To provide free healthcare and improve healthcare delivery systems in the poorest nations

How big is the Mercy ship?

The Global Mercy is a unique ship in the passenger class: 174 meters long, 28.6 meters wide and a gross tonnage of 37,000. It has 6 operating rooms, 200 beds, a laboratory, general outpatient clinics and eye and dental clinics. The total area of the hospital department is 7,000 m².

How much of donation goes to Mercy Ships?

73.8 cents of every dollar Mercy Ships spends goes straight to our ships and field operations to provide surgeries and world-class medical care to those who have no other hope. Plus, every dollar received multiplies in value, thanks to the support of our generous corporate sponsors.

Who owns the Mercy Ships?

Don Stephens
“Over 38 years ago, Don Stephens had a vision to take healthcare to places in the world filled with poverty and suffering,” Gohmert said. “Today, he is president and founder of Mercy Ships, with international headquarters right in east Texas.

Is Mercy Ships a good organization?

Exceptional. This charity’s score is 93.26, earning it a 4-Star rating. Donors can “Give with Confidence” to this charity.

Who owns Mercy Ships?

Don Stephens, Founder Don Stephens founded Mercy Ships in 1978 with the purchase of the Anastasis, where he and his family lived for ten years. During his time as President of Mercy Ships, Don directed and led thousands of professional volunteers from over 40 nations as well as employees in offices in 16 countries.

Are Mercy Ships a good charity?

How much of my donation actually goes to Mercy Ships?