Where is my water meter located UK?

Where is my water meter located UK?

Most water meters are fitted outside near your outside stop tap. It will be under a small metal or plastic cover in your driveway, garden or nearby footpath. Sometimes these can be a bit further down the road. If your meter is indoors it can usually be found under the kitchen sink by your inside stop tap.

Where should my water meter be?

You’ll usually find your water meter under the kitchen sink where your water supply comes into your home. It could also be in an underground box in the garden, or the footpath outside your property (look for a small round plastic lid).

What do water meters look like UK?

It’s small, round and about the size of a tin of beans. It has a row of black and red numbers, which move round as you use more water.

Is there an app for water meter?

Hidroconta Metering – available for Android users, with the iOs release coming soon – is your ideal application to remotely read your meter. Directly from your Smartphone, and just with a click, you will be able to: See real water consumption data.

How do I read my water meter Yorkshire?

How do I read my water meter. If it’s safe to do so, it’s really simple to read your meter. You just need to find the black numbers shown on the meter screen, which tells us the amount of water you’ve used in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres).

Do you legally have to have a water meter?

Official: DEFRA confirms ‘Smart’ Water Meters are NOT compulsory.

Is it compulsory to have a water meter 2021?

Will everyone get a water meter?

If you can’t have a water meter installed for any reason, your water company may be able to put you on a cheaper tariff to save money. In some areas, the water company is introducing universal water metering, so everyone will be given a meter. If you ask for a meter, a company should install it within three months.

How do you know if you have a water meter?

You can check if you’re on a water meter by referring to your latest bill. If you see a section on the second page showing a meter serial number and meter reads then you’re on a meter. Internal meters are usually located in the kitchen, airing cupboard or bathroom.

Why is my Yorkshire water bill so high?

Whether it’s for work or staycations, many of us are spending more time at home and we’re using water differently. This means more cups of tea, extra toilet flushes and lots of dishes to wash – it all adds up! If you’re on a water meter, we base your bill on the amount of water you use.

Where do I Find my water meter?

Your meter is most likely to be found next to the internal stop tap, usually under your kitchen sink or in the garage or it may be outside under a small manhole. How can I tell which is my meter? Your meter serial number is shown on your bill. If you need to check this you can run a tap and see the meter dials turning.

When was the water meter fitted to my property?

All properties built since 1990 have been fitted with a meter. What is a water meter? A meter measures how much water we’ve supplied to your home and records cubic metres (1 cubic meter = 1000 litres of water). How do I apply for a water meter? Just visit our request a meter page and we’ll call you to make an appointment.

How much water have I used on my meter?

You just need to find the black numbers shown on the meter screen, which tells us the amount of water you’ve used in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres). I can’t access my meter, what can I do?

How do I request a meter?

The only way to request a meter is by call back. Simply fill out our call back form and we’ll be in touch. What happens next? 1. We’ll make an appointment 2.