Where is the cabin in GTA?

Where is the cabin in GTA?

The Mount Chiliad Cabin is a cabin located just under half-way up the road leading to the Mount Chiliad summit. It is where the ex-police officer turned informant is protected by the FBI during the mission Badlands.

Where should I take Denise in San Andreas?

Dancing Date Denise prefers to go to Alhambra, a club on the edge of Idlewood, Los Santos. The player can also take her here on dinner dates, as the venue features a bar.

What houses can I rob in GTA San Andreas?

Accessible Houses

  • Los Santos. Accessible homes in Los Santos could be found in: East Los Santos. El Corona. Ganton. Glen Park.
  • San Fierro. Accessible homes in San Fierro can be found in: Calton Heights. Chinatown. Downtown.
  • Las Venturas. Accessible homes in Las Venturas are found in: Last Dime Motel. Prickle Pine. Redsands West.

How do you get into the crane in GTA 5?

Get in close and then lower the magnet and lift it up (press RIGHT on the D-Pad to make the container stick) and then drive it to the other side. Do it for both containers to complete this job. Once that job is done, you’ll then move to the cargo crane.

Where is the crane in GTA 5?

A crane is situated on the closed-off section of Frankfort Avenue, between Hematite Street and Iron Street.

What happens when progress with Denise is full?

Accepted Answer. You get a Pimp Suit.

What happens if you killed Denise in GTA San Andreas?

After setting fire to a house owned by Vagos members on the orders of Officer Tenpenny, CJ rescued her from the house. If players want Denise out of the game on the first date itself, they can do so as well. She will retaliate using a Micro SMG. The gun could be collected after killing her.

Can you rob a bank in GTA San Andreas?

Shoot the ATM’s and Collect the Money After the cutscene ends with the police making their way to the bank, shoot the three ATM machines inside the bank and collect the money. You can also shoot the rest of the staff members and collect money from them.

Where can I find a burglar van in GTA San Andreas?

Boxville vans can be found in three locations around San Andreas, across the street from the gym in Ganton, behind the Harry Plums Wholesale Fruit building in Doherty, and near the building closest to the southeast freeway exit in Pilgrim.

What do you do with the crane in San Andreas?

Use the Crane to Bring the Containers Down to Cesar One of the three containers holds the car that Cesar wants to bring back to the garage. No matter what, the car you need will always be in the last container. Once you have the magnet placed over the container, lower the crane to attach the magnet.

How do you use the crane in GTA San Andreas?

The player can adjust the height and position of the object that the crane is holding (either a wrecking ball or a large magnet) and use it to smash/pickup objects. Cranes in GTA San Andreas are manufactured by DUDE or Final Build Construction.

Can a shark eat you in GTA San Andreas?

Trivia. Even if the player has the Invincibility Cheat active, a shark’s bite will still kill the player.

Are whales in GTA Online?

Humpback Whales are an animal species that appear in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.