Where is the Canal du Midi?

Where is the Canal du Midi?

Canal du Midi, also called Midi Canal, also called Languedoc Canal or French Canal du Languedoc, historic canal in the Languedoc region of France, a major link in the inland waterway system from the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Can you cycle along the Canal du Midi?

The route is made up of the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi, and it can be cycled from one end to the other in 10 days at a pace that leaves plenty of time for exploring.

Is Canal du Midi in Provence?

The Canal du Midi is located in the south of France, in the departments of Hérault, Aude, and Haute-Garonne. Its course runs for 240 kilometres between Marseillan, at a place called Les Onglous, where the canal opens into the étang de Thau near Sète and Toulouse at Port de l’Embouchure.

What is the altitude of the Canal du Midi?

From Toulouse the canal rises through the rich cereal-growing plain of the Lauragais to a short summit level at the Col de Naurouze, at an altitude of 190m.

How long is the Malpas Canal in France?

This includes the world’s first canal tunnel, at Malpas, with a length of 161m and a width of 6.45m at water level. From Argens the canal climbs again in earnest through Carcassonne then Castel­naudary. A few hours after leaving Castelnaudary and its expansive basin, the summit level is reached.

What is there to do along the Canal du Midi in France?

If at the end of the canal there is the great city of Toulouse (home to France’s space and aeronautics industries) , then half-way along there is the amazing medieval ‘city’ of Carcassonne, famed for its huge, fortified, hilltop castle – a favoured location for many heroic swashbuckling films.

Which airport to fly into for Canal du Midi?

In August Beziers plays host to The Feria, famous for bull fighting and street parties, with up to a million tourists visiting during this time. With an international airport, Beziers can be a good place to start or end your Canal du Midi experience. Ryanair and Flybe both fly into Beziers.