Where is the deepest part of the South China Sea?

Where is the deepest part of the South China Sea?

A new exploration of a legendary blue hole in the South China Sea has found that the underwater feature is the deepest known on Earth. According to Xinhua News, Dragon Hole, or Longdong, is 987 feet (300.89 meters) deep, far deeper than the previous record holder, Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

What is the average depth of the South China Sea?

The South China Sea has an area of 3.537 million sq km, an average depth of 1,024 m, and a water volume of 3.622 million cu km. The shoreline is relatively weakly indented. Major inlets are the Gulf of Tonkin and the Gulf of Siam.

What is special about South China Sea?

The South China Sea contains some of the world’s most important shipping lanes. The main route to and from Pacific and Indian ocean ports is through the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea. Generally, oil and minerals move north, and food and manufactured goods move south.

Why is the South China Sea considered one the most important areas of ocean in the world?

The South China Sea is one of the most important economic and environmental regions in the world. More than half of the world’s fishing vessels are in the South China Sea, and millions of people depend on these waters for their food and livelihoods.

What is the deepest ocean depth?

35,814 feet
In the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Guam and the Philippines, lies the Marianas Trench, also known as the Mariana Trench. At 35,814 feet below sea level, its bottom is called the Challenger Deep — the deepest point known on Earth.

Where is the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world?

the South China Sea
The deepest blue hole in the world at 300.89 meters (987 feet) deep is in the South China Sea and is named the Dragon Hole, or Longdong. The second deepest blue hole in the world with underwater entrance at 202 metres (663 ft) is Dean’s Blue Hole, located in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas.

How deep is the South China Sea where the F 35 crashed?

A team made up of divers from the 7th Fleet’s Task Force and a Navy salvage and diving team recovered the wreckage from the bottom of the South China Sea, about 12,400 feet below the surface, the Navy said in a press release Thursday.

Can submarines operate in the South China Sea?

There are already quite a few submarines already operating in the South China Sea, and their number is growing rapidly. In 2020, the US military estimated that China had 50 diesel-powered attack submarines, six nuclear-powered attack submarines and four nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines.

Why is the South China Sea strategically important?

The South China Sea is of great strategic importance to China for economic and power/influence reasons. China has assumed an aggressive posture to include articulation of its sovereignty based on historical claims and has developed military and economic facilities on these disputed or reclaimed territories.

Is there anywhere deeper than the Mariana Trench?

The deepest place in the Atlantic is in the Puerto Rico Trench, a place called Brownson Deep at 8,378m. The expedition also confirmed the second deepest location in the Pacific, behind the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. This runner-up is the Horizon Deep in the Tonga Trench with a depth of 10,816m.

Did the U.S. recover the f35 in the South China Sea?

Navy Recovers Sunken F-35 Jet That Crashed Off the Deck of a Carrier into the South China Sea. The U.S. Navy announced that it has recovered the F-35C Lightning II fighter that crashed into the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in January before sliding off and sinking into the South China Sea.

Did the U.S. ever recover the f35?

U.S. 7th Fleet’s Task Force (CTF) 75 and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) successfully retrieved the F-35C Lightning II aircraft which crashed earlier this year in the South China Sea, March 2.

How did a $3 billion US Navy submarine hit an undersea mountain?

But despite its high cost and sophisticated tech, the United States Navy says the Seawolf-class nuclear-powered attack sub ran smack into an undersea mountain in the Pacific on October 2. The Connecticut is now pierside at a US Navy base on the Pacific island of Guam.

Why West Philippine sea belongs to Philippines?

in 2016, the Philippines won its territorial claim over the WPS in a ruling by the United Nations Arbitral Court which rejected China’s historical claim over most parts of the South China Sea. China, however, refuses to honor the ruling.