Where is the house in blank space?

Where is the house in blank space?

This 16-acre property includes the 32,098-square-foot main mansion and a 17,000-square-foot carriage house. It is located in Glen Cove on Oyster Bay, a hamlet in Nassau County. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video mainly took place in the dining room, which is large enough to hold major events.

How do I style a home office video call?

Home Office Ideas for Video Conferencing

  1. Add an Accent Wall.
  2. Choose Some Accent Furniture.
  3. Use a Window and an Indoor Plant.
  4. Hang a Beautiful Area Rug Behind Your Desk.

How do you create a office for a virtual meeting?

Here are some tips for creating a professional online look for video meetings from your home office.

  1. Set Up a Specific Work Desk/Table/Area.
  2. Don’t Leave Too Much Space Behind You.
  3. Pay Attention to Lighting.
  4. Position Your Camera Correctly.
  5. Keep the Background Simple and Clutter-Free.
  6. Don’t Sit on the Couch.

How do I make my own office background?

A curated gallery wall, a mix of prints, or patterns and textiles, even exposed bricks, will serve as an adequate office background. It’s good to make it eye-catching, just not overly dominant. Photos and artwork can work to your benefit. A bookshelf is another feature you could use in your home office design.

Can you visit the Blank Space mansion?

And if you’re wondering where Swift’s beautiful castle is, you’re in luck, because you can actually visit and/or stay the night in it, if you wish. “Blank Space” was filmed in Oheka Castle, which is located in Huntington, New York in Long Island. And needless to say, this place is beautiful.

How do I decorate my home office for zoom calls?


  1. Choose a well-lit, low-traffic space to set up shop.
  2. Declutter with stylish office storage.
  3. Look polished with three-point lighting.
  4. Bring your background to life with plants.
  5. Create natural division with curtains or furniture.
  6. Add personal touches.

How can I make my home office look good in zoom?

How to spiff up your work-from-home space when you’re spending a lot of time on Zoom

  1. Start with yourself.
  2. Plants, plants, plants.
  3. Repurpose furniture you already have.
  4. Organize what’s around you.
  5. Decorate what’s visible to you and your co-workers.
  6. If all else fails, use filters.

How do I style my home office for zoom?

Should a desk face a window?

Windows are best on your side. If you’re facing the view, you’ll be distracted. Work while you’re at your desk and enjoy the view when you’re on a break. Make sure you also have enough room behind you (minimum of 36 inches) so that you have room to grow.

What color background is best for Zoom?

When it comes to selecting the best background color for video conferencing, flashy patterns and stark colors should be avoided. Bright colors like yellow, orange, or red can be unflattering and distracting. Neutral tones, like navy blue, light gray, and soft white, appear best on video and are easy on the eyes.