Where is the Kershaw factory located?

Where is the Kershaw factory located?

Tualatin, Oregon
It comes to life with precision manufacturing and meticulous quality control—either in our Tualatin, Oregon factory, located in one of the USA’s greatest centers of knife manufacturing, or in our overseas manufacturing facilities.

How much is a Kershaw SpeedSafe knife worth?

Kershaw Knives 1600 Chive SpeedSafe Knife – – Amazon.com. $67.07 & FREE Shipping.

Where are Kershaw SpeedSafe knives made?

the USA
The action is great like any other speedsafe Kershaw. The blade is excellent like any other Kershaw. This knife is made in the USA, bonus!

Where is Kershaw Knives headquarters?

Today, Kershaw continues to innovate with new designs and technologies at its Tualatin, Oregon facility.

What company owns Kershaw Knives?

Kai Industries Co., Ltd.Kai USA / Parent organization

Why are there so many knife makers in Oregon?

Today, some of the United States’ most blade-friendly laws and a regional light-industrial-manufacturing and aerospace-industry supply chains (providing easy access to high-grade materials) have helped create the highest concentration of knife and hand-tool companies in the country-19 in the Portland metro area.

Are Kershaw Knives made in Japan?

Kershaw now has 250 employees. Along with the knives that are made in Oregon, some of the Kershaw Knives are still made in factories located in China and Japan.

What is the knife capital of the United States?

Portland’s Start in the Knife Business Pretty much all of Portland’s importance in the knife community can be traced back to one name: Gerber. It started back in 1910 when the Gerber family set up an advertising business in Portland—a business that still runs today.

Can I carry a knife in Oregon?

Pocket knives are perfectly legal in Oregon. In fact, switchblades have been placed under the pocket knife category. These knives are considered legal to own, open carry, and conceal carry.