Where is the user Library folder on Mac?

Where is the user Library folder on Mac?

From Finder or desktop, hold down Option as you select the Go menu. Choose Library. From the Home folder in Finder, choose View > Show View Options, and select Show Library Folder.

Can I delete users Library Mac?

From what is in /System/Library/User Template/Library , here is what ~/Library contains when you create a brand new user. Almost all entries are empty directories. Therefore, you can safely delete everything in ~/Library . Of course you’ll lose all preferences you may have set, etc.

What is user Library in Mac?

The user’s Library folder, which is different than the root Library folder at the top-level of the hard drive, contains hundreds files that store important preferences and settings for many of the applications on your Mac. It’s a good idea to learn how to access this folder, even if you don’t need to open it right now.

What is Mac Library folder?

Library. This folder contains fonts and other items used by apps that are available to all users of your Mac. Don’t use this folder to store files and folders you create. Instead, use the home folder, the Desktop folder, the Documents folder, or iCloud Drive.

Why is my Mac Library so big?

Your Library folder contains several things which may be quite large: all your mails (including attachments), various caches, databases of some applications (e.g. Evernote) etc., so the big size might be ok (or even desired!). which will show you the largest directories at the end.

How do I access user files on Mac?

In the Finder, hold down the Option key when using the Go menu. Library will appear below the current user’s home directory. Note: After you open the Library folder, you can drag the Library icon from the top of that window to the Dock, sidebar, or toolbar to make it readily accessible.

How do I always show Library folder on Mac?

Open your desired user Home folder in Finder ( Shift Command + H ) and select View > Show View Options. There should be a checkbox for toggling the Library folder. That absolutely shows me the Library in file save dialogs and Finder views. Now to see if we can leverage that to get the Finder Go menu as well 🙂 Thanks!

Why do I have 2 Library folders on my Mac?

One is meant for files to be accessible to all users and changeable by administrators, while the one in System is used by Mac OS X itself. Both are necessary for Mac OS X to function properly.

Are there two different Library folders on Mac?

You may come across instructions from time-to-time that ask you to access your Library folder on your Mac. But there are two such folders. One is in your Home folder, and the other is at the top level of your drive. These are used for different things.

What cache files can I delete Mac?

It’s a good idea to delete all the browser cache files on your Mac. If you use multiple browsers, you can delete all the browser caches on your machine. When it comes to the system and user (application) caches, you can delete the inactive cached files but shouldn’t do so indiscriminately.

What should I not delete from Mac Library?

Don’t delete or move files within System and Library folders appearing when you first double click your hard disk. Don’t delete or move . App files in your Applications folder, these are Mac OS X native applications.

Can I delete Library files?

When you no longer need documents, pictures, files, or folders in a library, you can quickly delete them. Be careful that no one else needs them either, and that the files are all checked in. Deleting files may be permanent and you may be unable to recover them.

How do I unhide Mac libraries?

Unhide the Library folder using the Finder view options: Open a new Finder window. Navigate to Macintosh HD > Users > [your login]. Select View > Show View Options from the Finder menu bar. In the View Options dialog box, check the box next to Show Library Folder.