Where is the Vault 112 jumpsuit?

Where is the Vault 112 jumpsuit?


Name/Form ID Location
Vault 108 jumpsuit 000B73F1 xx00CDE7 Worn by the Garys in Vault 108. The same jumpsuit can be found on Gary 23 but is not obtainable.
Vault 112 jumpsuit 000340EF Given to the Lone Wanderer by the robobrain as they enter Vault 112.

How do you get the Vault 118 jumpsuit?

The jumpsuit can be found when entering Vault 118 and it should be on the floor in the very first room, sitting right in front of a receptionist desk which is located next to the inner Vault door controls.

How do you repair the armored Vault 13 jumpsuit?

The armored Vault 13 jumpsuit is light armor but can be repaired using combat armor and reinforced combat armor.

How do you get the Vault 114 jumpsuit?

Park Street station and Vault 114, in total, eleven jumpsuits can be found.

  1. Two in the room immediately after the Vault door, in an opened box atop a stack of other boxes.
  2. Three in the first room on the right: two on the floor, one on the shelf.

Is there a Vault 95 suit?

There isn’t one in vault 95.

Can you get another Vault 111 jumpsuit?

Yes, near the exit of vault 111, where you first received your Vault 111 Jumpsuit, you can find two others.

What was Vault 13’s experiment?

Vault 13: Intended to stay closed for 200 years as a study of prolonged isolation, the broken water chip forced the Overseer to improvise and use the Vault Dweller as a pawn. Later study of the Vault 13 records by the Enclave led them to their current plan to end the war.”

Can you get jumpsuits in Fallout 3?

Dwellers who ventured into the wasteland commonly modified their suits with a variety of improvised armor or improved linings. There are Vault jumpsuits for every Vault which appears in Fallout 3, although two of them are only found in the game files.

How do you get the jumpsuit in Vault 112?

This is the basic Vault 112 jumpsuit given to the Lone Wanderer by the robobrain as they enter Vault 112. It is possible to obtain an infinite amount of these suits before entering Tranquility Lane by taking the suit from the robobrain, dropping the suit and speaking to the robobrain again.

What armor does the Lone Wanderer wear in Fallout 3?

In the Fallout 3 ending, the Lone Wanderer is seen wearing the armored Vault 101 jumpsuit in all the parts they appear in. Both the armored jumpsuit and leather armor share similar textures and the distinctive single shoulder guard, as seen in the Mad Max series .

What’s the difference between the 13 and the original Fallout armor?

The ’13’ sign on the back of the suit is much smaller compared to the original version in Fallout, and the top curve of the three isn’t straight. Headwear is found in articles of matching armor where possible.