Where was Angel of Harlem recorded?

Where was Angel of Harlem recorded?

Angel of Harlem

“Angel of Harlem”
Recorded 1987
Studio Sun Studio (Memphis)
Genre Heartland rock soul
Length 3:47

Who wrote Angel of Harlem?

Angel of Harlem/Lyricists

Who owns Harlem Angel?

Anahi Angelone –
Anahi Angelone – Restaurant Owner – ANGEL OF HARLEM LLC | LinkedIn.

What singer was Angel of Harlem about?

U2Angel of Harlem / Artist

What year did Angel of Harlem come out?

1988Angel of Harlem / Released

Who sang Angels of Harlem?

Who owns Corner Social in Harlem?

owner Anahi Angelone
It’s this inviting sense of warmth and personalized attention that makes customers flock to the restaurant and bar, opened 3 years ago by owner Anahi Angelone. “What makes Corner Social so phenomenal and successful is it’s a community place.

Who was U2’s classic song Angel of Harlem written about?

icon Billie Holiday
It was during a time of experimentation and immersing themselves in the various facets of American roots music that U2 recorded “Angel of Harlem,” their tribute to the great jazz icon Billie Holiday.

Who originally sang All I wanna do?

Sheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do (Sheryl Crow song)

“All I Wanna Do”
Songwriter(s) Sheryl Crow Kevin Gilbert Bill Bottrell Wyn Cooper David Baerwald
Producer(s) Bottrell
Sheryl Crow singles chronology
“What I Can Do for You” (1993) “All I Wanna Do” (1994) “Leaving Las Vegas” (1994)

Who wrote Sheryl Crow All I wanna do?

Bill BottrellDavid BaerwaldKevin Gilbert
All I Wanna Do/Composers

Did Sheryl Crow ever marry?

Sheryl Crow is thanking God she never got married. Crow, 60, opened up about her love life during an appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show as she promotes her upcoming documentary “Sheryl.” “I’m hot. Even at 60, I’m hot, right?” the single mom of two told Stern.