Where was Liza Goddard born?

Where was Liza Goddard born?

Smethwick, United KingdomLiza Goddard / Place of birthSmethwick is an industrial town in Sandwell, West Midlands, England, historically in Staffordshire. It lies four miles west of Birmingham city centre.
In 2019, the ward of Smethwick had an estimated population of 15,246, while the wider built-up area subdivision has a population of 53,653. Wikipedia

How old is Lisa Goddard the actress?

72 years (January 20, 1950)Liza Goddard / Age

Who married Liza Goddard?

David Cobhamm. 1995–2018
Alvin Stardustm. 1981–1989Colin Bakerm. 1976–1978
Liza Goddard/Spouse

What was Liza Goddard famous for?

Liza Goddard was born on January 20, 1950 in Smethwick, Sandwell, England. She is an actress, known for Doctor Who (1963), Woof! (1989) and Take Three Girls (1969). She was previously married to David Cobham, Alvin Stardust and Colin Baker.

Does Lisa Goddard have a sister?

Maria GoddardLiza Goddard / Sister

Where does Lisa Goddard live?

She has been married to Colin Baker and Alvin Stardust, and sadly lost her third husband, director David Cobham, in March this year. Liza, 68, lives in Norfolk and is appearing alongside Robert Powell in The Final Curtain, which is currently touring the UK.

Who married Alvin Stardust?

Julie Patonm. 1992–2014
Liza Goddardm. 1981–1989
Alvin Stardust/Spouse

Stardust was married to the actress and choreographer Julie Paton at the time of his death. He had two sons and two daughters, the youngest of whom had Cliff Richard as one of her godparents. His eldest son, Shaun Fenton, was born in 1969.

Who was Alvin Stardust’s wife?

Alvin Stardust/Wife

Where is Liza Goddard?

Liza now lives in a small Norfolk village with her husband, producer/director David Cobham.

Is Lisa Goddard still married to Alvin Stardust?

Alvin Stardust’s ex-wife Liza Goddard has paid tribute to the singer after he passed away aged 72 following a short cancer battle. Actress Liza, 64, was Alvin’s second wife and the pair had daughter Sophie together. Writing on Twitter, she said: RIP Alvin Stardust.

Who did Shane Fenton become?

Alvin Stardust
Also known as Shane Fenton
Born 27 September 1942 Muswell Hill, London, England
Died 23 October 2014 (aged 72) Ifold, West Sussex, England
Genres Glam rock, rock and roll, pop

Is Julie Paton married?

Alvin StardustJulie Paton / Spouse (m. 1992–2014)

Who was Alvin Stardust’s first wife?

Iris Caldwell
Stardust married three times. His first wife was Iris Caldwell, with whom he had two sons, Shaun and Adam. His second wife was the actress Liza Goddard, with whom he had a daughter, Sophie. His third wife was Julie Paton, an actress and choreographer, with whom he had a daughter, Millie.

Is Shane Fenton still alive?

October 23, 2014Alvin Stardust / Date of death

Did Shane Fenton change his name to Stardust?

Bernard William Jewry (27 September 1942 – 23 October 2014), known professionally as Shane Fenton and later as Alvin Stardust, was an English rock singer and stage actor.

Is Alvin Stardust still living?

What was Shane Fenton real name?

Bernard William JewryAlvin Stardust / Full name