Where was the Battle of Franklin located?

Where was the Battle of Franklin located?

Williamson County
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Who won the Battle of Franklin TN?

On November 30, 1864, the once proud Confederate Army of Tennessee suffers a devastating defeat after its commander, General John Bell Hood, orders a frontal assault on strong Union positions around Franklin, Tennessee. The loss cost Hood six of his finest generals and nearly a third of his force.

What Civil War Battle was fought in Franklin Tennessee?

The Battle of Franklin decimates the Army of Tennessee. Around 8,500 men become casualties on both sides, roughly 6,000 of them Confederates. Fourteen Southern commanders become casualties, more than in any other battle of the war.

Where was the Battle of Nashville located?

Davidson County
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How many hours did the Battle of Franklin last?

A five-hour battle in Franklin became one of the bloodiest in the western theater of the Civil War nearly 153 years ago. It is now known as the Battle of Franklin. Union and Confederate soldiers fought in the southern portion of the city on Nov. 30, 1864.

When did the Battle of Franklin start and end?

The 1864 Battle of Franklin was the second military action in the vicinity; a battle in 1863 was a minor action associated with a reconnaissance in force by Confederate cavalry leader Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn on April 10….Battle of Franklin (1864)

Date November 30, 1864
Location Franklin, Tennessee35.9174°N 86.8733°W
Result Union victory

Why was the Battle of Franklin important?

The Battle of Franklin was one of the bloodiest battles in the western theater. The outcome of the battle changed the outlook on the Civil War. The Confederacy and the Union suffered 10,000 causalities in the fight.

Did Tennessee fight for the North or South?

However, when the American Civil War finally broke out in 1861, Tennessee, like other states in the upper South, voted for secession and joined the new Confederate States of America (Confederacy). Only Virginia saw more fighting than Tennessee during the war.

What generals died at the Battle of Franklin?

Five generals killed in action at Franklin were Cleburne, John Adams, Hiram B. Granbury, States Rights Gist, and Otho F. Strahl.

What is another name for the Battle of Franklin?

Pickett’s Charge of the West
The Confederate assault of six infantry divisions containing eighteen brigades with 100 regiments numbering almost 20,000 men, sometimes called the “Pickett’s Charge of the West”, resulted in devastating losses to the men and the leadership of the Army of Tennessee—fourteen Confederate generals (six killed, seven …

What role did Tennessee play in WWII?

World War II, 1939-1945 During World War II Tennessee and its citizens contributed generously to the war effort. Many put their lives on the line as soldiers, sailors, and airmen: 315,501 Tennesseans served in the various theaters of the war, and 5,731 lost their lives.

How many battles were fought in Tennessee during the Civil War?

There were more than 1,400 battles fought in Tennessee.

How many generals died in the Battle of Franklin?

Fourteen Confederate generals (six killed, seven wounded, and one captured) and 55 regimental commanders were casualties.

Why were so many Civil War battles fought in Tennessee?

Tennessee was a border state in the Confederacy. This means that Tennessee was right next to the Union state of Kentucky. Tennessee was like a gateway for both armies into the other side’s land. This is why so much fighting happened in Tennessee.

What was the largest Civil War Battle in Tennessee?

of the Cumberland) under Major General George H. Thomas. In one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army during the war, Thomas attacked and routed Hood’s army, largely destroying it as an effective fighting force….

Battle of Nashville
55,000 22,000–30,000
Casualties and losses

What was the largest Civil War battle in Tennessee?