Which candidate in the presidential election of 1912 benefited most from the split apex?

Which candidate in the presidential election of 1912 benefited most from the split apex?

Wilson took advantage of the Republican split, winning 40 states and a large majority of the electoral vote with just 41.8% of the popular vote, the lowest support for any President after 1860.

Who ran for President 4 times Ralph?

Electoral history of Ralph Nader, an American attorney, author, lecturer, political activist, and candidate for President of the United States in four elections.

What was unusual about the 1912 election quizlet?

1912 was the only presidential election in which a third-party candidate finished second. It was the first time in 20 years that a Democrat won the White House.

How many votes did Virgil Goode get in the 2012 presidential election?

Results. On Election Day, November 6, with the Goode–Clymer ticket on the ballot in 26 states and available for write-in in 18 others, Goode received 122,001 votes nationwide, 4,675 of which were write-ins.

Which President does not share a birthday with the other two?

There have been five sets of presidents that have been born in the same year, but only two presidents that have been born on the same date (November 2): James Polk (1795) and Warren Harding (1865). Despite sharing the same birthday, the two have little else in common.

Who is the third in line to the presidency?

Current order of succession

No. Office Incumbent
1 Vice President Kamala Harris
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
3 President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy
4 Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Has a third-party candidate ever won the US presidency?

In the 59 presidential elections since 1788, third party or independent candidates have won at least 5.0% of the vote or garnered electoral votes 12 times (21%); this does not count George Washington, who was elected as an independent in 1788–1789 and 1792, but who largely supported Federalist policies and was …

Who were the contenders in the election of 1912 and what was the outcome?

Wilson handily defeated Taft and Roosevelt winning 435 of the 531 available electoral votes. Wilson also won 42% of the popular vote, while his nearest challenger, Roosevelt, won just 27%.