Which cow is best for milk production?

Which cow is best for milk production?

Top 10 High Demanding Milk Producing Cattle Breeds in India

  • Gir: This cattle breed originates from Gir forests of South Kathiawar in Gujarat and are also found in adjacent Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
  • Sahiwal:
  • Red Sindhi:
  • Rathi:
  • 10 Most Demanding Goat Breeds for Milk and Meat in India.
  • Ongole:
  • Deoni:
  • Kankrej:

Which country cows give more milk?

India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil. Since the 1970s, most of the expansion in milk production has been in South Asia, which is the main driver of milk production growth in the developing world.

Who has the highest quality milk in the world?

New Zealand’s grass-fed cows produce some of the world’s best quality milk. The quality of the milk cows produce is directly related to their diet and environment. So it’s no wonder that New Zealand’s pasture-fed cows, feasting on our lush green grass, produce some of the best milk in the world.

What country drinks most milk?

The country with the highest per capita consumption of fluid milk in 2021 was Belarus. The average person in Belarus consumed about 114.9 kilograms of milk in that year. Ukraine came in second with approximately 114.11 kilograms of fluid milk per person.

Which cow gives maximum milk in India?

Gir cow of Gujarat
Gir cow of Gujarat This cow is known as the most milk-producing cow in the country. This cow is found in the Gir forests of Gujarat, hence its name has also been named Gir cow.

Which milk is best in world?

What is the most popular milk in the world?

Table Rank of 5 World’s Most Popular Milk

Rank Source of Milk Production of Milk in 2019
1 Cow Milk 715 Million
2 Buffalo Milk 133 Million
3 Goat Milk 19 Million