Which cricketer has died on the field?

Which cricketer has died on the field?

Complete list of cricketers who died on the field | Fatalities in cricket history

Player Name Death Cause Died On
Andy Ducat Heart failure 23 July 1942
Abdul Aziz A ball struck him in the heart. 17 January 1959
Michael Ainsworth Sudden Death 28 August 1978
Wilf Slack While batting, he collapsed. 15 January 1989

Which cricketers have died?

List of fatalities while playing cricket

Player Cause Date
Raman Lamba Struck on the head by a ball while fielding 20 February 1998
Wasim Raja Suffered a heart attack on the pitch 23 August 2006
Darryn Randall Struck on the head by a ball 27 October 2013
Phillip Hughes Struck on the neck by a ball 27 November 2014

How has Shane Warne died?

The world has been in mourning since Warne died of a heart attack while holidaying in Koh Samui last Friday, aged 52. The legspinner was taking a well deserved three-month break following commentating commitments both in the UK and Australia.

Who got killed by a cricket ball?

Phillip Hughes

Personal information
Born 30 November 1988 Macksville, New South Wales, Australia
Died 27 November 2014 (aged 25) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nickname Hughesy, Little Don, Hugh Dog
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)

What Australian cricketer died today?

Shane Warne: Australian cricket legend died from natural causes – police. Australian cricket legend Shane Warne’s death in Thailand on Friday was from natural causes, police have confirmed. A senior Thai police official said the post mortem exam showed no signs of foul play in the 52-year-old’s death.

Is Shane Warne alive?

March 4, 2022Shane Warne / Date of death

What two cricketers died?

Former Australian Test captain Mark Taylor said it was “another tragic day for cricket”, after the recent deaths of Shane Warne, Rod Marsh, and Dean Jones.

Is Shane Warne really dead?

Ko Samui, Koh Samui, ThailandShane Warne / Place of death