Which is better IPCW or Gargi College?

Which is better IPCW or Gargi College?

Both gargi and ip are girls colleges and both are equivalent in terms of all facilities. Ip is a north campus College whereas gargi is a south campus College. You can choose either of them, you will be in a win win situation anyway.

Does ipu have fests?

It is the tremendous annual cultural fest of GGSIPU which takes place in February. Attracting all creative thoroughbreds from more than 100 affiliated colleges, the fest periods of three days.

Is IP part of DU?

IP College is affiliated to University of Delhi. It comes under DELHI UNIVERSITY.

How do I apply for IPCW?

c) Candidates will be required to fill the College Admission form, University Enrolment form and University Examination forms for the I and II Semesters. d) Candidates will get their documents verified, submit the same to the College and pay the admission fee.

Is IP university Delhi Good?

Overall GGSIPU is a an excellent University .

Is IPCW a good college?

IPCW is considered to be one of the best colleges of Delhi University to pursue BSc in Computer Science. The quality of teaching is good. Teachers try their best to clear doubts and complete syllabus on time.

Which is the best college for girls in DU?

Top Women’s Colleges of Delhi University

  1. Miranda House. NIRF Ranking: 1.
  2. Lady Shri Ram College. NIRF Ranking: 5.
  3. Gargi College. NIRF Ranking: 12.
  4. Lady Irwin College. NIRF Ranking: 21.
  5. Jesus and Mary College. NIRF Ranking: 25.
  6. Daulat Ram College. NIRF Ranking: 37.
  7. Maitreyi College. NIRF Ranking: 38.
  8. Kamala Nehru College.

What is DU famous for?

Delhi University has some of the best colleges in India for science, commerce and arts stream. These colleges are not only the best in the university but are also ranked among the top colleges in the country.

Is IPU Tier 1 college?

Besides MAT Colleges, University School of Management Studies (USMS), under Guru Gobind Singh IP University is considered a Tier 2++ Business School.

Which is better IPU or Sharda university?

If you want a strong core teaching and complete study environment, go for IPU. If you are happy with your studies and want to have a bit of a relaxed college life Sharda University is your spot.