Which is the most widely used greenhouse film?

Which is the most widely used greenhouse film?

Plastic films Films are the most common and lowest cost type of covering material. The types of film available are polythene (polyethylene), EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride). With the constant improvements in plastics, these covering materials offer a lot of flexibility and performance options.

Can I use 6 mil plastic for greenhouse?

If you are constructing a really large greenhouse or are doing a controlled growing environment, this plastic will be great. 6 mil thick and UV-protected, it will hold up well.

What is greenhouse plastic called?

We hope to clarify what is meant by the terms you may hear when you are talking about a greenhouse structure. Greenhouse Plastic: The term, “greenhouse plastic” is a term to describe polyethylene, copolymer plastic, polyvinyl plastic or polycarbonate plastic that is used to cover the roof and/or sides of a greenhouse.

Is a white or green greenhouse better?

Though many believe the only color for greenhouses is green, the cover material and structure often are more efficient in other colors. White is the popular choice for structure elements to reduce shadows and reflect light where needed. Seasoned growers recommend clear greenhouse panels.

Are plastic greenhouse any good?

Conclusion. To conclude, yes, mini plastic greenhouses are good for many purposes. If you have limited space in your garden, they provide a convenient alternative to bulkier glass greenhouses. They are also much lighter, easy to move around, and more affordable.

Does a greenhouse have to have clear plastic?

If you plan to use a greenhouse to germinate seeds and start moving plants outdoors, the plastic must be clear because it will allow direct sunlight, which will heat the soil and promote germination. However, if you want your plants to mature in a greenhouse, use opaque or frosted plastic to provide diffused light.

Are plastic greenhouses as good as glass?

Plastic lets out less heat compared to glass, as it has better heat retention properties. Polycarbonate greenhouses are also more cost-effective, generally coming out at a cheaper price. It’ll be keeping in the heat and costing less overall. Heat retention is important for an effective greenhouse performance!

Is white plastic OK for a greenhouse?

We recommend you use clear plastic or glass for your greenhouse as this will give you the best result to transmit the sunlight into your greenhouse. When you use colored plastic, this will impact the amount of sunlight in your greenhouse.