Which medicinal plant is used for what?

Which medicinal plant is used for what?

Medicinal Plants & Their Uses

Hindi Name English Name Uses
Adusa/Vasaka Malabar Nut Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis
Ananas Pineapple Sore Throat, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity
Babool Indian Gum Oral Care, Bleeding Gums, Wounds
Brahmi Thyme leafed gratiola Enchances Memory, Anxiety

Which plants used in medicine?

Medicinal plants such as Aloe, Tulsi, Neem, Turmeric and Ginger cure several common ailments. These are considered as home remedies in many parts of the country. It is known fact that lots of consumers are using Basil (Tulsi) for making medicines, black tea, in pooja and other activities in their day to day life.

What are these 10 medicinal plants approved by the Department of health list them in your paper?

Ten medicinal plants have been endorsed by the DOH-PITAHC, after they have been scientifically validated to ensure safety and efficacy. These are Acapulco, Ampalaya (Makiling variety), Lagundi (five leaflets), Bawang, Bayabas, Sambong, Niyug-niyogan, Tsaang-gubat, Yerba Buena, and Ulasimang bato (pansit-pansitan).

Which plant is used to cure many diseases?

Table 3

Family Scientific name Diseases treated
Apocynaceae Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don Malaria
Rosaceae Rubus moluccanus L. Diarrhea, dysentery
Myrtaceae Psidium guajava L. Diarrhea, dysentery
Melastomataceae Clidemia hirta (L.) D. Don Diarrhea, malaria, stomach-ache

Which plant is used to cure cough and cold?

Tulsi or basil leaves can cure cough and cold.

What plant has the most medicinal uses?

Nature’s 9 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants and the Science Behind Them

  • Turmeric.
  • Evening primrose oil.
  • Flax seed.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Echinacea.
  • Grapeseed extract.
  • Lavender.
  • Chamomile.