Which Pittosporum is best for screening?

Which Pittosporum is best for screening?

Choose a variety that will get at least as big as the screen you wish to have. This is why Pittosporum tenuifolium is an excellent choice for screens. Taller varieties (15ft+) are fast-growing, up to three feet per year under ideal conditions. Pittosporums prefer full sun, but will also grow in part shade.

How quickly do Pittosporum grow?

Pittosporum tenuifolium from New Zealand is a fast-growing hedge. These plants grow about a metre every year.

How far apart should you plant Pittosporum for a hedge?

How to plant and grow pittosporum. Prepare the soil before planting by blending in some compost. If growing this plant as a screen or hedge, the spacing is generally around 1m, but this depends on how high you want the hedge to grow. The lower the hedge, the closer together you should plant.

Where is the best place to plant a Pittosporum?


  • Choose a full sun to partial shade position.
  • If the soil is heavy or is not free draining add lots of well rotted compost to the area and dig it in well.
  • It can be planted all year long if the soil is not frozen and you can water well when conditions are dry.

Which pittosporum is the hardiest?

tenuifolium is one of the hardiest, with neat, evergreen foliage on conspicuous black twigs. The flowers are small but noticeably honey-scented and a beguiling shade of chocolate-purple.

How much space does pittosporum need?

Spacing. Most pittosporum varieties can grow up to 6 feet (2 metres) wide, so space the plants at least 3 feet (around 1 metre) apart for a dense privacy hedge.

Can you grow pittosporum as a hedge?

Pittosporum are a good choice for hedging in milder parts of the UK with their bushy, dense, evergreen growth. Naturally compact cultivars are great for low hedges and as alternatives to traditional box (Buxus). Many pittosporum are vigorous and will quickly form medium to tall hedges.

Do pittosporums have deep roots?

Kōhūhū is a relatively fast growing plant growing from 0.5 metres to 3 metres within five years. The root system is shallow and spread out.

Can pittosporum be kept small?

If allowed to grow without pruning, some pittosporums eventually form medium to large shrubs, 2–6m (6⅔–20ft) tall, while others form small to medium-sized shrubs of 1–2m (3⅓–6⅔ft) tall.

Which pittosporum is best for hedge?

Pittosporum varieties Some of the most popular varieties include: Pittosporum tenuifolium Silver Sheen – a fast growing, hardy variety with silvery green foliage. Pittosporum tenuifolium Screen Master – grows up to 3 feet (1 metre) a year and a great option for a dense hedge.

Can you keep pittosporum small?

Does pittosporum like the sun?

Pittosporum are versatile shrubs and can fill numerous roles in the landscape. They do well in sun as well as shade, they’re really not selective when it comes to lighting.

Are roots of pittosporum invasive?

According to Sunset, roots are strong and become invasive with age.

How wide do pittosporums grow?

It grows to around four metres high two and a half metres wide if left unpruned, but can be pruned to height and shape. It canalso be used for topiary work. It is a hardy and adaptable plant, and is frost tolerant. Pittosporum grow in a wide range of climates, from cool, temperate, subtropical to tropical.

What is the most hardy pittosporum?

tenuifolium and its cultivars are far and away the most widely grown of any species of pittosporum in the UK. As such they are proven to be hardier than other species. Once the plants are established and start to develop a woody stem they can certainly withstand temperatures of minus 5°C.