Which polymer is used in solid phase synthesis?

Which polymer is used in solid phase synthesis?

One polymer used in solid-phase synthesis is an addition polymer of styrene in which some of the benzene rings have a ─CH2Cl group. As few as 1 out of 10 rings bear chloromethyl groups. The general structure of the chloromethylated polystyrene is shown below.

Which resin is used in the solid phase synthesis and why?

The most commonly used solid support is Merrifield resin, which is a pure polystyrene (PS) polymer, cross-linked with 1–2% of divinylbenzene. Due to its low cost, high-loading properties, and chemical inertness, it is often used for solid phase synthesis of oligosaccharides.

What is composition of solid support in solid phase peptide synthesis?

Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) In peptide synthesis, an amino-protected amino acid is bound to a solid phase material or resin (most commonly, low cross-linked polystyrene beads), forming a covalent bond between the carbonyl group and the resin, most often an amido or an ester bond.

What is the purpose of solid phase synthesis of nucleic acids?

Solid-phase synthesis has a number of advantages over solution synthesis: large excesses of solution-phase reagents can be used to drive reactions quickly to completion. impurities and excess reagents are washed away and no purification is required after each step.

What is resin in solid phase peptide synthesis?

PAM resin is widely used for solid phase synthesis of peptides utilizing the Boc strategy. The numerous Boc deprotection reactions with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) required in the synthesis of large peptides leads to significant losses of peptide from Merrifield resin.

How the protecting groups are used in solid phase synthesis?

General Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Scheme To prevent the polymerization of the amino acid, the alpha amino group and the reactive side chains are protected with a temporary protecting group. Once the amino acid is attached to the resin, the resin is filtered and washed to remove byproducts and excess reagents.

How do you use Wang resin?

Place the resin in a round bottom flask and add 20% piperidine in DMF until the resin is just covered. Let the mixture stand for 30 minutes to remove the N- terminal Fmoc group. 2. Transfer the resin to a sintered glass funnel with fine porosity and apply vacuum.

Is Wang resin a polystyrene?

Wang Resin 4-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol (PHB) on Polystyrene.

What is DMT protecting group?

The dimethoxytrityl (DMT) protecting group is widely used for protection of 5′-hydroxy group in nucleosides, particularly in oligonucleotide synthesis, such as in the phosphite triester method of solid phase DNA synthesis shown above.

How is solid phase peptide synthesis?

Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) involves the successive addition of protected amino acid derivatives to a growing peptide chain immobilized on a solid phase, including deprotection and washing steps to remove unreacted groups and also side products.