Which rappers have the most beef?

Which rappers have the most beef?

Drake and Meek Mill aren’t the only rappers to go head to head, here’s some of the biggest beefs in the history of rap.

  • Kanye West Vs.
  • Lil’ Kim Vs.
  • Kendrick Lamar Vs.
  • 50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule: Rap Beef.
  • Chris Brown Vs. Drake: Rap Beef.
  • 50 Cent Vs. The Game: Rap Beef.
  • Eminem Vs. The Source: Rap Beef.
  • NWA Vs. Ice Cube: Rap Beef.

Who started rap beef?

In the 1980s, diss tracks began to feature prominently in the hip-hop genre. The first known hip-hop feud (or “beef”) was the Roxanne Wars. The Roxanne Wars began in 1984 when Roxanne Shanté and Marley Marl released the song “Roxanne’s Revenge”, a diss track aimed at the trio U.T.F.O.

Why did Tyga Diss 21 Savage?

until now. Somehow Tyga’s 21 Savage diss track has managed to leak online and the lyrics in parts are seriously brutal. Tyga can be heard calling out 21 for allegedly getting a Ferrari from Drake in parrts, whilst the fact he uses the instrumental for 21’s huge track ‘No Heart’ certainly makes this a meaty response.

Who does Travis Scott beef with?

Everything You Need to Know About the Beef Between Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Stormi, Spotify, and Harriet Tubman. Ivie Ani. Update: On Tuesday (August 21) Nicki Minaj aired the second episode of Queen Radio, her Beats 1 show. In it, she continued to air out Travis Scott.

Why is Tyga not that rich?

However, given the logistics of his cash flow and factoring in his unpaid bills (namely his extravagant back rent before being evicted), past due taxes, unsettled lawsuits and lack of a new best-selling album (The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty only sold 2,200 in its first week in 2015) Tyga’s financial situation may be more …

What rapper is in jail?

YNW Melly is best known for his songs “Murder on My Mind”, “Mixed Personalities”, “Suicidal”, and “223’s”. The Florida-based hip-hop artist was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in 2019. He is still in jail and awaits trial.

What is a beef in rap?

A Rap Beef is when two rappers, or a groups of rappers have a feud. Usually starts with someone dissing, insulting or calling out the other party in a rap song. Though rap beef entertains rap fans, a lot of times it’s done for publicity, bitter differences or competition to see who’s better lyrically.