Which Samsung phone is similar to iPhone?

Which Samsung phone is similar to iPhone?

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Samsung’s phones have always gone toe-to-toe with Apple’s devices when it comes to flagship wares. So is it any surprise that the Galaxy S22 family is easily one of the best iPhone 13 alternatives on the market?

Can you make a Samsung look like an iPhone?

To make your Android device look like an iPhone, you’re going to need the Phone 12 Launcher. Right after you install the app, you’ll feel that you’re already looking at an iPhone. The app icons will change to the ones you would see on an iPhone. The launcher has support for its widgets apart from the Android ones.

Which phone exactly looks like iPhone?

1. Google Pixel and Pixel XL. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the new Google Pixel (and its larger variant, the Pixel XL). But one of the first things that smartphone buffs noticed about the device is that it looks a whole lot like Apple’s iPhone.

What Android looks most like an iPhone?

The Pixel 4 is more like an iPhone than any other Android phone.

Which phone is best compared to iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (starting at Rs 88,999) The foldable phone segment is heating up in a big way, but Apple doesn’t have a foldable iPhone just yet. Samsung is leading the pack in this regard, and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is arguably the one to get.

Is it possible to make your Android phone look like iPhone?

The iPhone is an excellent phone with an attractive design. If you are tired of how your Android phone looks or just amazed at how customizable your Android phone is, there are plenty of apps you can install to make your Android phone look like an iPhone (or any other phone).

Are there any Chinese smartphones that look like the iPhone X?

So far, there are a good number of Chinese smartphones that look exactly like the iPhone X. In fact, it’s quite easy to mistake them for the real deal.

Did Samsung copy the design of the iPhone?

However, it wasn’t the only one accused of copying the Apple flagship design. In fact, over the years, many companies, including industry leader Samsung, have been accused of copying the design of the iPhone.

Which Android phones have a notch like iPhone X?

Here’s a list of Android phones with iPhone X-like notch. 1 Huawei P20 series. Even though Huawei wasn’t the first to adopt the notch when it unveiled the Huawei P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite at an event in Paris 2 Asus ZenFone 5 and 5Z. 3 Huawei Honor 10. 4 Oppo R15 and R15 Pro. 5 Oppo F7.