Who are Abo and Kado?

Who are Abo and Kado?

Abo (アボ, Abo) is a soldier in the Frieza Force. Along with his brother Kado, he is one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!.

Who is aka DBZ?

Aka, sometimes referred to as Abokado, is the true antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z movie: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, and is the merged form of Abo and Kado. He was voiced by Yasunori Masutani.

Is Tarble Canon in DBZ?

As far as the official Dragon Ball continuity is concerned, Tarble is non-canon. Tarble is mentioned in the movie adaptation of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, but was not mentioned at all in the episodes of Dragon Ball Super that covered the events of the movie.

Does Vegeta have a brother?

Vegeta’s brother Tarble was originally introduced during the Dragon Ball Z special Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!! as a low-level Saiyan who was sent away buy King Vegeta for being too weak to be a warrior. He seeks some help from Vegeta against a deadly duo, and hasn’t been really mentioned or seen since.

Who is Tarble in Dragon Ball?

Tarble (ターブル, Tāburu) is a Saiyan and the youngest child of Vegeta III, the estranged, younger brother of Vegeta IV, and husband to a peculiar alien named Gure.

Who created Goku black?

Akira ToriyamaZamasu / Creator

Is Broly Vegetas brother?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly introduces Broly and Gogeta into the series canon proper, but it also retools and retcons much of what fans know about the origins of the Saiyans, and the characters involved.

Who is Broly related to?


Alias The Legendary Super Saiyan
Species Saiyan
Family Paragus (father)

What race is Amond DBZ?

Amond (アモンド, Amondo) is a member of the Turles Crusher Corps.

Is Paragus a low class Saiyan?

In the movie (dubbed) When Paragus tries to hide Broly’s strength he tells Vegeta how Broly couldn’t be the legendary saiyan, because he’s the son of a weakling basically. He was using his weakness as an excuse, so he’s probably low-class.