Who are Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh?

Who are Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh?

In India, the upper caste social groups which use this title include the Brahmins, Kushwaha, Rajputs (Rajputra), Charans, Ahirs, Kolis, and Jats. In Northern and Southern Region of India Thakur represents Rajput Forward caste. Most of the OBC caste to gain Political importance use Thakur as Title.

Who is most powerful caste in UP?

The Yadavs and Kurmis have become the two most powerful castes in UP.

Is thakur a high caste?

In the caste-based structure of Indian society, Thakurs stand right below the Brahmins and belong to what is known as the warrior caste.

Are Rajput and thakur same?

Thakur is used by a number of Hindu castes but most prominently by the Rajputs of Uttar Pradesh. The Rajputs in Uttar Pradesh are reffered as Thakur.

Are Thakur Rajputs?

Known as the Rajputs during the colonial period, the Thakurs are erstwhile rajas, maharajas, zamindars and taluqdars of UP, who continue to own over 50 per cent of the land in the state despite constituting just 7-8 per cent of the population.

Is Thakur a Hindu name?

Meaning and Origin of: Thakur Indian (northern states) : Hindu name meaning ‘deity’, ‘god’, ‘lord’ in modern Indian languages, from Sanskrit or Middle Indo-Aryaṇthakkura. Compare Thakkar. Although this name is commonly associated with Kshatriyas, it is also found among Brahmans and other communities.

Who are Thakurs Rajasthan?

In Rajasthan, the title Thakur is usually adopted by Kshatriyas such as Rajputs. Thakur also conveys a designation meaning he is the head of the family and no one is above him. Son of Thakur is known as ‘Kunwar’, grandson as ‘Bhanwar’ and great-grandson as ‘Chel bhanwar’. Thakur is the one whose father has died.

Are Lodhi Rajput Thakur?

The OBCs are taken from normal. Rajput is included in the OBC category in the service of the state of Karnataka and Karnataka central government.

What is Thakur caste in Maharashtra?

Thakur or Thakar may refer to: Thakar (tribe), a tribe of Maharashtra, India. Thakur (title), a feudal title and surname used by erstwhile nobility of India. Thakur village, a residential locality in Mumbai, India.

Who is Lodha cast?

Lodha people, are a tribal/Adivasi people living primarily in the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, mostly in the Paschim Medinipur district. A section of the Lodha has converted to Islam, and form a distinct community of Lodha Muslims.

Which is the richest caste in Delhi?

The Punjabis in Delhi are the richest, as a high percentage among them are economically very well off and there are only a few who are poor. The Jats and OBCs are not that rich, but many belong to the middle class. The dalits are the poorest in Delhi.