Who are the CEOS of Ford?

Who are the CEOS of Ford?

Jim Farley (Oct 1, 2020–)Ford Motor Company / CEOJames D. Farley Jr. is an American businessman who is the CEO of Ford and a board member of Harley-Davidson. His career in automobiles was inspired by his grandfather, who began work at Henry Ford’s River Rouge Plant in 1918. Wikipedia

What did Alan Mulally do for Ford?

Mulally joined Ford in September 2006 and led Ford’s transformation into one of the world’s leading automakers. He guided the Ford team in working together on a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy and relentless implementation of the One Ford plan to drive profitable growth for all the company’s stakeholders.

What is Jim Farley salary?

$22.81 million
In Ford’s 2021 proxy statement filed Friday, the automaker said Farley’s total compensation was $22.81 million, up 93.3% from $11.80 million in 2020 and from $8.36 million in 2019. His 2021 compensation included $1.70 million in base salary, up from $1.43 million in 2021.

Who saved Ford Motors?

Alan Mulally
How Alan Mulally saved Ford Motor Company with four simple decisions.

How did Mulally save Ford?

Mulally called his plan to get people to work together across the company “One Team.” He called the goal of getting people to work together across the company’s vast global ecosystem “One Ford.” Then he set a simple goal for the company. He wanted “an exciting, viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all.”

Who was the best Ford CEO?

Executive coach Stephen Xavier credits this accomplishment to the strategic leadership of Ford CEO Alan Mulally, and now Xavier has placed Mulally at the top of his new “America’s Best CEOs” list.

Who was Ford CEO in 2008?

Alan Mulally
Born Alan Roger Mulally August 4, 1945 Oakland, California, U.S.
Alma mater University of Kansas, Lawrence (BS) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MSM)
Known for Former President and CEO of Ford Motor Company Former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Spouse(s) Nicki Mulally

What is Alan Mulally doing now?

Alan Mulally is 74, he’s been the Independent Director of Alphabet Inc since 2014.