Who are the Forrester brothers?

Who are the Forrester brothers?

Ridge Forrester

Father Massimo Marone Eric Forrester (legal)
Mother Stephanie Forrester
Stepmother Quinn Fuller (legal)
Half-brothers Thorne Forrester Nick Marone Rick Forrester (legal)

Who is Eric and Stephanie Forrester daughter?

He has one daughter, Alexandria Forrester. Eric and Stephanie’s eldest daughter who died from microcephaly. Never appeared on-screen. An impostor appeared in the late 1980s, posing as a bed-ridden Angela; she was eventually discovered.

Who is Kristen Forrester parents?

Eric Forrester
Stephanie Forrester
Kristen Forrester Dominguez/Parents

Is Eric Forrester Finn’s father?

One of the reasons why fans are against Eric being Finn’s dad is because it means Finn and Steffy will be related. Well, technically, they won’t be blood-related since Steffy’s dad, Ridge, isn’t Eric’s biological son.

Who is Jessica Forrester?

Jessica Forrester works for Special Auction Services as an auctioneer and auction manager. She joined the team at SAS in early 2017 and has worked her way up through the team since then. Besides her auctioneering role, Jessica is also in charge of the HR and staffing for the firm.

What happened to Eric Forrester wife Stephanie?

She has been portrayed since the show’s inception in 1987 by Emmy-winning actress Susan Flannery. Stephanie’s lung cancer diagnosis played a central role in the series, and the character died of the disease on November 26, 2012.

Who is Hope’s real father on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Deacon SharpeHope Logan / Father

Is Deacon Hope’s dad?

Deacon Sharpe is the son of Daryl Sharpe, the father of Eric Sharpe and Hope Logan and the grandfather of Dylan Spencer (deceased), Beth Spencer, and Douglas Forrester (adoptive). He lived an abusive childhood, with Daryl being very violent towards him.

Who are Zende Forrester parents?

Kristen Forrester Dominguez
Antonio Dominguez
Zende Forrester Dominguez/Parents

Who is Finns biological father on Bold and Beautiful?

It is later divulged that Jack, is in fact, Finn’s biological father and he conceived Finn with Sheila, while married to Li. Both Li and Finn were unaware of this information in the entirety of Finn’s life, as Jack arranged this secret adoption and took on this deceptive route in order to hide his affair with Sheila.

Is Thomas Plant married to Jessica Forrester?

Is Thomas Plant married to Jessica Forrester? This hasn’t been confirmed, but we know that Thomas is married as in a Newbury Today article on the auctioneer, they mention that he “lives locally with his wife.” Thomas lives and works in Newbury, Berkshire where Jessica Forrester also lives and works.

Who is Thomas Forrester?

Thomas Forrester is a renowned British television celebrity. He is known for his work with the auction-based program on BBC, Bargain Hunt. He began his career as a porter for Philips Auctioneer. After seven years of work, he left to become the head of the Works of Art and Decorative Department in Ceramics.

What happened to Brooke and Ridge’s son?

The two incidents caused to get the attention of Child Protective Services and sparked a custody battle between Brooke and Ridge, who was getting help from his mother, Stephanie Douglas, but eventually, Hope and R.J. were returned back to Brooke’s custody.

Who is Ridge and Brooke’s child?

R.J. Forrester
Brooke and Ridge have two children, 1 adopted by Ridge, one biologically between the both of them, Hope Logan and R.J. Forrester. They had a two miscarried children, one miscarried in 1989, and the other in 1998. They had a daughter they thought was biologically Ridge’s.

How many kids does Hope on Bold and the Beautiful have?

Her father had no part in Hope’s life for over twenty years, but was broken out of prison by Bill Spencer to stop her wedding with Liam….The Bold and the Beautiful.

Children miscarriage with Wyatt
Aunts and uncles Katie Logan Donna Logan

Who are the Forrester family?

The Forresters are known for their family business, Forrester Creations founded by Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas. Their main family home is the Forrester Mansion, currently occupied by Eric and his wife Quinn Fuller.

How many Forresters are there in the United States?

About 2119 FORRESTERs. Related surnames: FORREST (3939) FORSTER (3409) VORSTER (1945) FORT (1435) FOREST (957) DEFOREST (800) FORESTER (663) LAFOREST (445) FOERSTER (275) FORET (164). WikiTree is a community of genealogists growing an increasingly-accurate collaborative family tree that’s 100% free for everyone forever. Please join us.

Is Thomas Forrester related to Ridge Hamilton?

Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fodé) Oldest child of Ridge and Taylor Hamilton; was stated to be 18 in 2004. He had relationships with Caitlin Ramirez and Amber Moore, and was briefly married to illegal immigrant Gaby Moreno. He is the father of Douglas Forrester.

Who is Eric Forrester’s brother?

Occasionally mentioned brother of Eric Forrester, John was not seen until 2014. He is the father of Jessica Forrester and Ivy Forrester. The eldest and favorite son of Eric and Stephanie Douglas, later found to be the biological son of Massimo Marone. He is currently co-owner and CEO of Forrester Creations.