Who are the Norsemen club?

Who are the Norsemen club?

De Norsemen Kclub is a duly registered organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990. It has its headquarters in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State of Nigeria where it was formed.

Who is the founder of Vikings in Nigeria?

De Supreme Vikings Confraternity aka De Norsemen Klub of Nigeria was founded by five young men in 1982, at University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. They were Risenangel De Chamelus, Shaka De Zulu, Captin Trupence Njamena, Eric the Red and Bankana De Busha on SVC terminology.

Who is the founder of aromate?

In 1996, Jane Huang gathered a team of returning-to-work moms and founded Aromate. Back then, 90% of employees are women.

How do I become a Norseman?

Independent Order of Vikings Membership Application You must be of Scandinavian decent or your spouse must be a regular member of the Independent Order of Vikings. You will also need a current paid up member to be your sponsor. Your sponsor may be your spouse if they are a member.

Who is the founder of Supreme EIYE Confraternity?

When Was Supreme Eiye Confraternity Founded. The Supreme Eiye confraternity was reportedly formed in 1965 in University of Ibadan by a group of students some of which include: Tunde Aluko, Goke Adedeji, Bayo Adenubi, Dele Nwakpele, Bode Fadase, Kayode Oke and Bode Sowunmi.

Where did Aro people migrate from?

The Aro people or Aros are an Igbo subgroup that originated from the Arochukwu kingdom in present-day Abia state, Nigeria. The Aros can also be found in about 250 other settlements mostly in the Southeastern Nigeria and adjacent areas.

What is the meaning of COC in Vikings?

INTRODUCTION. Viking Therapeutics, Inc.

What does ARO mean in Igbo?

What is Aro in Igboland?

The Arochukwu people, popularly known as the Aro, are the most debated sub-cultural group in Igboland. The Aro, whose ancestral home is near the Cross River, and their co-Igbo neighbors were an integral part of the early history of the hinterland of the southeastern region of Nigeria.