Who are the writers in region 2?

Who are the writers in region 2?


  • Emmanuel Agapito Flores Lacaba (December 10, 1948 – March.
  • Leona Florentino (April 19, 1849-October 4, 1884) was a Filipino.
  • 5.Ado Vinuya was born in Manila in 1930.
  • Norman Wilwayco, aside from being a multiple Palanca award.
  • Naya S.
  • Ana Maria Villanueva-Lykes A BS computer science degree.

What are the literary piece in Cagayan region?

Edith Tiempo Literary Works

  • A Blade of Fern (1978)
  • His Native Coast (1979)
  • The Alien Corn (1992)
  • One, Tilting Leaves (1995)
  • The Builder (2004)
  • The Jumong (2006)
  • Short Story Collections.
  • Abide, Joshua, and Other Stories (1964)

Who are the Filipino authors across the regions?

This list of Filipino writers is organized by the first letter in the surname.

  • Francisco Arcellana.
  • Francisco Balagtas.
  • Lualhati Bautista.
  • Louis Bulaong.
  • Carlos Bulosan.
  • Cecilia Manguerra Brainard.
  • Linda Ty Casper.
  • Gilbert Luis R. Centina III.

Who is the famous local authors in Central Luzon?

The literary works of Central Luzon are:

  • Daniw.
  • All over the World by Vicente Rivera.
  • Juan Manalaksan by Ancio Pascual.
  • Suan, the Good Guesser by Macaria Garcia.
  • The Legend of Alitaptap.
  • The Legend of Pinatubo.
  • The Legend of Olongapo.

Who is Rosmon Tuazon?

Rosmon Tuazon is the author of the collection Sa Pagitan ng Emerhensiya, which won first prize in the Filipino poetry category in the 2005 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial awards in literature, and of the chapbook Mula.

Who are the authors of national capital region?

Lualhati Torres Bautista (born Manila, Philippines December 2, 1945) is one of the foremost Filipino female novelists in the history of contemporary Philippine Literature. Her novels include Dekada ’70, Bata, Bata, Pa’no Ka Ginawa?, and ‘GAPÔ.

Who is the author in Region 3?

Francisco Balagtas y de la Cruz (April 2, 1788 – February 20, 1862), also known as Francisco Baltazar, was a prominent Filipino poet, and is widely considered as one of the greatest Filipino literary laureate for his impact on Filipino literature.

Who is the author Region 1?

Carlos Sampayan Bulosan (November 2, 1913 – September 11, 1956) was an English-language Filipino novelist and poet who spent most of his life in the United States.

Who is author in Region 3?

Who is the famous author in Luzon?

Jose Rizal The Philippines’ national hero was also a prolific writer, poet, and essayist.

Where is Jhoanna Lynn Cruz from?

Jhoanna Lynn B Cruz (Philippines) Graduated from De La Salle University. She teaches literature and creative writing in University of the Philippines Mindanao. Her first book, Women Loving: Stories and a Play published in 2010 is the first sole-author anthology of lesbian-themed stories in the Philippines.

What is Agua de Viuda about?

Aguas de Viuda is a self-reflective return to the etymology of the word “widow.” It is interpreted by Rebie P. Ramoso into an oil painting.

Who are the Filipino writers from NCR National Capital Region?

National Capital Region (NCR)

  • CHARLSON ONG. (1960 – Present)
  • NORMAN WILWAYCO. (1972 – Present)
  • ANA MARIA LYKES. A BS computer science degree holder and a master’s in Creative Writing, Ana Maria Villanueva-Lykes discovered the world of words around year 2008.
  • JANET B.
  • PAUL B.

Who is the author of region 12?

Region 12 – Philippines by Mat Lopez.

Who is the author of Region 3?

Who is the author in Region 1?