Who can claim rights under Forest Rights Act?

Who can claim rights under Forest Rights Act?

Those who have a patta or a government lease, but whose land has been illegally taken by the Forest Department or whose land is the subject of a dispute between Forest and Revenue Departments, can claim those lands (see section 3(1)(f) and (g)).

What is the main purpose of the Forest Rights Act?

Objective: To undo the historical injustice occurred to the forest dwelling communities. To ensure land tenure, livelihood and food security of the forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers.

What are the provisions of the Forest Rights Act 2006?

Title rights: It gives FDST and OTFD the right to ownership to land farmed by tribals or forest dwellers subject to a maximum of 4 hectares. Ownership is only for land that is actually being cultivated by the concerned family and no new lands will be granted.

What is Fra certificate?

evidences for having initiated and completed the process of settlement of rights under the. Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dewllers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. (‘FRA’, for short) on the forest land proposed to be diverted for non- forest purposes read with.

What is FRC forest?

A highly inclusive body, called the Forest Rights Committee (FRC), is formed by the gram sabha to facilitate the process. This committee comprises 10 to 15 people, two-thirds of them should belong to scheduled tribes and one-third members should be women.

How do you get forest land?

As of today a landholding agency (Rail, NHAI, PWD, etc) is required to take approval under the Act as well as pay stipulated compensatory levies such as Net Present Value (NPV), Compensatory Afforestation (CA), etc. for use of such land which was originally been acquired for non-forest purposes.

What is the right to Forest Act 2007?

According to the Right to Forest Act 2007, people who have been living in the forest for at least 25 years have the right over the forest land and its produce.

What are community forest rights?

The Community Forest Resource rights under Section 3(1)(i) of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act (commonly referred to as the Forest Rights Act or the FRA) provide for recognition of the right to “protect, regenerate or conserve or manage” the community forest …

What are the provisions in the Forest Rights Act to protect people’s rights?

Right of ownership, access to collect, use and dispose of minor forest produce: The act provides right to ownership, access to collect, use and dispose of minor forest produce which is collected from within or outside the forest done traditionally by Schedule Tribes or forest dwellers living there.

What is FCA in forest department?

THE FOREST Conservation Act (FCA) was enacted in 1980 to check the widespread and wanton felling of trees on developmental project sites.

What is forest Right Act 2021?

The FRA recognises the rights of the forest-dwelling tribal communities and OTFDs to forest resources on which these communities are dependent for a variety of needs, including livelihood, habitation, and other socio-cultural needs.

What is the Right to Forest Act 2007?

WHO issues forest clearance?

irrespective of area of forest land involved, are sent by the State Government to the Secretary to the Government of India, MoEFCC, with a copy of the proposal (with complete enclosures) to the concerned Regional Office of the MoEFCC. 7.

Can we use forest land?

Yes, agricultural land can be purchased and utilised for forestation.

What are the main rules of Indian Forest Act?

The Indian Forest Act,1927 aimed to regulate the movement of forest produce, and duty leviable forest produce. It also explains the procedure to be followed for declaring an area as Reserved Forest, Protected Forest or a Village Forest.

What are acts and rules about forest?

The Indian Forest Act of 1927, the country’s guiding forestry legislation, sought to consolidate and preserve areas with forest cover or significant wildlife, to regulate movement and transit of forest produce, and to levy duties on timber and other forest produce.

What is CFR management?

Introduction. This report seeks to document the implementation of the provisions in Forest Rights Act pertaining to the protection and management rights of forest dwelling communities in India.

What is NPV in forest clearance?

Net Present Value (NPV): It is a mandatory one-time payment that a user has to make for diverting forestland for non-forest use, under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. Calculation: This is calculated on the basis of the services and ecological value of the forests.

What is Stage II forest clearance?

Stage 2 Clearance: The total extent of forest land under these 54 projects is 10416.14 Ha. 2. The highest number of approved forest diversion cases was recorded in Madhya Pradesh, where 15 projects have been granted clearance, followed by Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. 3.