Who caught Bradys last pass?

Who caught Bradys last pass?

receiver Mike Evans
The 55-yard touchdown pass was caught by wide receiver Mike Evans, which brought the Rams’ lead to 27-20 with just over three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

What is Aaron Rodgers longest pass?

The 61-yard Hail Mary pass to Richard Rodgers that lifted the Packers to an unforgettable win over the Detroit Lions with no time on the clock.

Who sold Brady’s ball?

broker Ron Firman
Miami-based real estate broker Ron Firman bid $518,628 for the ball that Brady threw to receiver Mike Evans in the NFC Divisional game against the Rams. The quarterback announced his retirement from the NFL a few weeks later, and Firman bid on what he believed to be the final touchdown pass of Brady’s career.

How much is Tom Brady’s last ball worth now?

The football that Brady used to throw his last touchdown pass was auctioned off for $518,000 from an unnamed buyer on March 13.

How far can Tom Brady throw a pass?

Brady’s average attempt travels 7.6 yards downfield, which ranks 24th in the NFL. His average completion travels just 5.6 yards, which ranks 23rd. Air yards to the sticks measures how far in front of or past the first-down marker the average pass attempt travels.

Who caught Aaron Rodgers 100th TD?

James Jones
9, 2011 – James Jones. By the time Rodgers threw his 100th touchdown pass, he was a well-established quarterback, coming off a Super Bowl MVP and on his way to his first league MVP award. TD No. 100 went to James Jones against the Atlanta Falcons, who burned his defender for 70 yards.

What happened to Tom Bradys last touchdown ball?

Brady threw this ball 55 yards to wide receiver Mike Evans during the 2022 NFC divisional round against the Los Angeles Rams. Evans then threw it into the stands and a lucky fan caught it, then decided to put it up for auction. The Tampa Bay quarterback announced his retirement on Feb.

Does Tom Brady throw long passes?

In 2020, on throws past the line of scrimmage, Brady launched the ball high in the air more than anyone. Throws past LOS only. Minimum 200 total attempts….Tom Brady’s Launched Throws, Among Throws 20-30 Yards Downfield.

Season Percent of Throws On-Target%*
2018 27% 36%
2019 41% 53%
2020 51% 45%

Who can throw a football 100 yards?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says he can throw ball ‘100 yards’ in Mexico City.

How much was Tom Brady’s last TD ball sold for?

When Tom Brady announced his retirement in February, the remnants of his final moments on the field were soon to be sought after. The football that Brady used to throw his last touchdown pass was auctioned off for $518,000 from an unnamed buyer on March 13.