Who did the Saints beat in the NFC Championship?

Who did the Saints beat in the NFC Championship?

The visiting Los Angeles Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints 26–23 in sudden death overtime to advance to their first Super Bowl since the 2001 season….2018 NFC Championship Game.

Los Angeles Rams (2) (NFC) (13–3) New Orleans Saints (1) (NFC) (13–3)
26 23
Head coach: Sean McVay Head coach: Sean Payton

How many times have the Saints beat the Vikings?

The New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings have a long history, and if you are a Saints fan it’s been a bitter history. Over the course of the two franchises’ histories they have met 35 times with the Vikings holding the edge with a staggering 23-12 advantage.

Who is better Saints or Vikings?

The Vikings lead the all-time series 23–13. The two clubs have met five times in the playoffs, with the Vikings holding a 4-1 record. In the series, the Vikings won 20 of the first 27 games (….Saints–Vikings rivalry.

Current win streak Saints, 1 (2020–present)

What year did the Saints beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship?

Brett Favre reflects on Minnesota Vikings losing 2009 NFC Championship. Following Minnesota’s loss in the 2009 NFC Championship, details were released about the Saints placing illegal bounties on opposing players.

Who won the NFC championship 2017?

Atlanta Falcons2017 NFC Championship Game / Champion

Who won the NFC championship 2018?

Los Angeles Rams2019 NFC Championship Game / Champion

How many times have the Saints lost to the Vikings in the playoffs?

The two teams have met each other 36 times (including 5 postseason games), with the New Orleans Saints winning 13 games and the Minnesota Vikings winning 23 games.

Do the Vikings and Saints have a rivalry now?

LONDON, UK — The Vikings and Saints have developed a serious rivalry over the years, one that culminated with a heart-pounding last-second victory known as “The Minneapolis Miracle” in January of 2018.

Who won the 2009 NFC Championship Game?

Arizona Cardinals2009 NFC Championship Game / Champion

What year did Brett Favre take the Vikings to NFC Championship?

January 24, 2010: The Vikings, marred by big hits and fumbles in the Superdome, take over at their own 21-yard line with 2:37 left in the NFC Championship. Brett Favre leads a masterful drive before running back Chester Taylor picked up 14 yards to set the Vikings up at the Saints’ 33-yard line.

How many NFC championships have the Saints won?

The Saints have won one Super Bowl championship (2010).

Will the Saints play in London in 2022?

Three nationally televised games, home dates against both Super Bowl LVI participants, a season-opening stretch against the NFC South Division and a trip to London for a matchup at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium highlight a grueling 2022 schedule for the New Orleans Saints, who won’t enjoy their bye until Week 14 under new …

Who will Vikings play 2022?

On May 4, the NFL announced that the Vikings will play the New Orleans Saints at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on October 2, as part of the league’s International Series. The game will kick off at 2:30 p.m. BST/8:30 a.m. CDT, and will be televised by the NFL Network, with the Saints serving as the home team.