Who does the In Memory plaque recognize?

Who does the In Memory plaque recognize?

Yes, the In Memory plaque was dedicated in 2004 and is located near the Three Servicemen statue adjacent to the Memorial. The plaque reads: In Memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and later died as a result of their service.

Where is the Agent Orange memorial?

Andover Veterans Monument Park
(AP) — A Connecticut town has a new monument to veterans exposed to the Vietnam-era defoliant Agent Orange, a project spearheaded by a local veteran who says he was harmed by the Vietnam War-era defoliant. The new memorial is set to be dedicated Saturday in Andover Veterans Monument Park.

Where can I put a memorial plaque?

Memorial plaques can sometimes be purchased to be placed in special areas of the crematorium’s gardens and sometimes seats or benches placed with a plaque dedicating them to someone’s memory. Crematoria with large grounds may offer the opportunity to sponsor the planting of a tree or other plants as a memorial.

What do you engrave on a memorial plaque?

It tends to include:

  • Opening phrases such as “In memory of” or “Dedicated to the memory of”;
  • The name or names of those being remembered, and any nicknames they may have in quotes in the middle of their name.
  • The dates of that person’s life span; and.
  • A meaningful and significant quote that relates to the person.

Where was Agent Orange used in Vietnam?

The Da Nang airbase was a major Ranch Hand facility during the American War in Vietnam. Nearly 11 million liters of Agent Orange were handled on the base.

What do you say in a memory plaque?

Some of the most popular words include:

  1. In Memory of.
  2. In Loving Memory.
  3. Dedicated to the Memory of.
  4. In Honor of.
  5. Forever in Our Hearts.
  6. A Life Well Lived.
  7. In Treasured Memory of.
  8. In Fondest Memory of.