Who is hosting offsiders today?

Who is hosting offsiders today?

Offsiders is an Australian television sport program hosted by AFL commentator Kelli Underwood. The show airs live on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am on ABC TV and ABC News….

Genre Sports
Presented by Kelli Underwood
Country of origin Australia
Original language English

Who is the female AFL commentator?

Daisy Pearce (expert commentator) One of the foundation superstars of the AFLW, Daisy has made a seamless transition into commentary, impressing with her game insights in the commentary box and on the boundary line in both Seven’s AFLW and AFL coverage.

Who hosts ABC outsiders?

The show debuted with three co-hosts, two of whom were fired for separate controversial comments….Outsiders (Australian TV program)

Presented by Rowan Dean Rita Panahi James Morrow Ross Cameron Mark Latham
Country of origin Australia
Original language English
No. of seasons 4

Where is ABC Offsiders filmed?

He is also based in Melbourne, where both Insiders and Offsiders are filmed.

Where is Kelli Underwood?

Sports commentary career Underwood is currently host of ABC’s Offsiders and a regular panelist on the Fox Sports program The Back Page.

Who are the commentators in the Offsiders?

Corbin Middlemas joins Jamie Pandaram, Bianca Chatfield and Tony Armstrong to discuss off-field problems for Melbourne in the AFL, the wash-up from State of Origin 1, Super Netball plus the Saudi-backed breakaway golf series.

Has Kelli Underwood left ABC?

Underwood is currently host of ABC’s Offsiders and a regular panelist on the Fox Sports program The Back Page. She also calls AFL and AFLW football on Fox Footy and ABC Grandstand.

Who is Georgina Robinson?

Georgina Robinson is the chief rugby reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

What is Neroli Meadows doing now?

In January 2020, Meadows rejoined the Nine Network for its coverage of the 2020 Brisbane International and 2020 Australian Open as a court announcer and post-match interviewer. Later that month, she joined ESPN Australia for its coverage of the Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

Who was the girl Tom Morris talking about?

Fox Sports presenter Megan Barnard has broken her silence after her former colleague Tom Morris was sacked for a disgraceful video in which he revealed her sexuality. Morris was fired last Friday after he referred to Barnard’s sexual orientation in a Whatsapp conversation that went viral.

How old is Megan Barnard?

37 years (September 4, 1984)Megan Barnard / Age

How old is Sarah Jones?

About 36 years (August 1985)Sarah Jones / Age

Where did Sarah Jones go to school?

Bryn Mawr College
Jones attended The United Nations International School and Bryn Mawr College where she was the recipient of the Mellon Minority Fellowship. She originally planned a career as a lawyer, but left college early and eventually found her way to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York, where she began competing in poetry slams.

Why did Neroli Meadows get fired?

In October 2019, Fox Sports parted ways with Meadows due to alleged cost-cutting, which came as a surprise to media and fans alike; Foxtel boss Patrick Delany defended the decision by saying, “We have plenty of women on the network and from time to time people go […] people don’t have jobs for life”.

Why did Fox sack Neroli Meadows?

Meadows has been dropped from Fox after more than a decade with the TV network. It is reported the decision came about due to “cost-cutting” measures. In recent years, Meadows has become of the most recognised and respected voices in sports media.

What did Tom Morris do to Megan Barnard?

Her former colleague Tom Morris was sacked last Friday after a leaked video surfaced where he revealed Barnard’s sexual orientation to a Whatsapp group on social media.

Where is Megan Barnard now?

New Zealand
Barnard is an experienced reporter and presenter for Fox Sports News and is currently anchoring coverage of the Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand.

Where was Megan Barnard born?

Melbourne, AustraliaMegan Barnard / Place of birth