Who is Jessica Marais partner?

Who is Jessica Marais partner?

Jessica Dominique Marais (born 29 January 1985) is a South African-born Australian actress best known for her roles on Australian television in Packed to the Rafters and Love Child….

Jessica Marais
Partner(s) James Stewart (2009–2015)
Children 1

How old is Jessica Marais?

37 years (January 29, 1985)Jessica Marais / Age

Where was Jessica Marais born?

Johannesburg, South AfricaJessica Marais / Place of birth

How tall is Jessica Marais?

5′ 8″Jessica Marais / Height

Who is Shannon Dooley?

Jessica Marais
Jessica Marais has found her right girl with new flame Shannon Dooley. The Wrong Girl star has bounced back – with a woman! Months after revealing she was on a “mantox” after her split from fiance James Stewart, Jessica Marais has fallen into the arms of someone else: her friend Shannon Dooley.

Does Jessica Marais have a child?

1 minorJessica Marais / Children

Does Jessica Marais have bipolar?

Marais has previously spoken about her battle with bipolar disorder. “There’s a history of bipolar in my family and I was diagnosed at one point with bipolar. I’ve had cognitive therapy training, so I choose not to be medicated,” she told The Australian Women’s Weekly in 2014.

Who was James Stewart married to?

Gloria Hatrick McLeanJames Stewart / Spouse (m. 1949–1994)

In 1949, he married former model Gloria Hatrick McLean. They had twin daughters, and he adopted her two sons from her previous marriage. The marriage lasted until McLean’s death in 1994; Stewart died of a pulmonary embolism three years later.

Who did Jessica Marais play in home and away?

Rachel Rafter
While Jess played Rachel Rafter, James played electrician Jake Barton. Just like their on-screen characters, love blossomed between the two stars. Off-camera, the couple often appeared at red carpet events together. All loved-up in matching leather jackets.

Who plays Rachel Rafter?

Jessica MaraisRachel Rafter / Played by

Why did James Stewart and Jessica Marais split?

“Our relationship didn’t work out because I think hearts go in different directions eventually,” James wrote in a column for Sunday Life. James has since married his Home and Away co-star Sarah Roberts and Jessica has been linked to on-off boyfriend Jake Holly since 2018.

Who is Jake Holly?

Jake Holly – Model, Influencer, Photographer – theright.

Does James Stewart have custody of his daughter?

Proud parents Jessica and James left their then two-year-old daughter Scout at home for date night at the 2014 TV WEEK Logie Awards. Who would’ve thought a year later the pair would split? Despite breaking up, Jessica and James continue to co-parent for the sake of their daughter Scout.

Who was James Stewart’s wife?

Gloria Hatrick McLeanJames Stewart / Wife (m. 1949–1994)