Who is older Nina or Anna?

Who is older Nina or Anna?

Version 2: Anna is the younger sister of Nina Williams. Anna learned her Aikido techniques from her mother, a national Aikido champion. Her father, Richard Williams, taught Nina assassination techniques, but he has neglected Anna for years and never taught them to her.

How old is Anna Williams Tekken?

She is 18 in the first Tekken, 20 in Tekken 2, and 41 in Tekken 6; although she is in her 40s, cryosleep effects preserved her physical abilities of her 20s. Anna is featured as Nina’s sub-boss in the original Tekken game and did not become a playable character until the console version of the game.

How do you unlock Kunimitsu Tekken?

Kunimitsu. The latest rendition of a character introduced in the first Tekken game, Kunimitsu is available for purchase as part of the fourth season pass for Tekken 7 or separately through the store.

Who is Anna Williams husband?

Anna Frances Williams and Jacob Jarrett Jurlina were married Nov.

How old is Nina Williams?

Nina Williams
Age 20 (T1, Death by Degrees) 22 (T2) 41 (physically 22) (T3) 43 (physically 24) (T4, T5/T5:DR, T6/T6:BR, TTT2)
Blood Type A (changed during cryosleep) (T3)
Height 161 cm (5′ 3″)
Weight 49 kg (108 lbs)

Where is Kunimitsu from?

Kunimitsu (Tekken)

Occupation Thief
Fighting style Manji Ninjutsu
Origin Japan
Nationality Japanese

Is Anne Williams dead?

April 18, 2013Anne Williams / Date of death

Who is Steves dad Tekken?

With his debut in Tekken 4, it was revealed that he is the biological son of Nina Williams and that his conception was done synthetically by the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Is Anne Williams Real?

Anne Elizabeth Williams (née Meath; 6 February 1951 – 18 April 2013) was a campaigner for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, in which 97 Liverpool football fans, including her son Kevin Williams, died at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield.