Who is the 17 prime minister of Pakistan?

Who is the 17 prime minister of Pakistan?

Prime ministers

Term Name Took office
17 Shaukat Aziz شوکت عزیز (born 1949) 28 August 2004
18 Yousaf Raza Gillani سید یوسف رضا گیلانی (born 1952) 25 March 2008
19 Raja Pervaiz Ashraf راجا پرویز اشرف (born 1950) 22 June 2012
20 Nawaz Sharif میاں محمد نواز شریف (born 1949) 5 June 2013

Who was the 1st prime minister of Pakistan?

Prime Minister of Pakistan
Term length 5 years, renewable
Constituting instrument Constitution of Pakistan
Inaugural holder Liaquat Ali Khan (1947–1951)
Formation 14 August 1947

Who are the Chief Ministers of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar invited Nigerian investors to invest in the province during a meeting with the High Commissioner of Nigeria Abioye Mohammed Bello on Wednesday. The two dignitaries also discussed other matters to promote bilateral cooperation in various sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, IT, sports goods, textile, and pharmaceutical industries. ]

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?

The next Prime Minister of Pakistan will be Imran Khan. Imran Khan will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. He must be , if he can’t then Pakistan is also finished. Originally Answered: Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Who was the shortest tenure Prime Minister of Pakistan?

He resigned on 11 December 1957. Chundrigar served the shortest term of any Prime Minister in Pakistan: 17 October 1957 – 11 December 1957, 55 days into his term. In 1958, Chundrigar was appointed as president of the Supreme Court Bar Association which he remained until his death.

Who is the current president and Prime Minister of Pakistan?

The prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Urdu: وزير اعظم ‎, romanized: Wazīr ē Aʿẓam, lit. ‘Grand Vizier’, Urdu pronunciation: [ʋəˈziːɾˌeː ˈɑː.zəm]), is the popularly elected politician who is the chief executive of the Government of Pakistan. The prime minister is vested with the responsibility of running the administration through his appointed federal